​Global Talent Trends: What To Expect

What Are The Current Global Talent Trends?

With the great number of jobs, roles and skills we have available nowadays, it has been a challenge to understand exactly what are the current global talent trends. However, being aware of what are the talent trends that are shaping our economy is extremely important, as it will help to understand how they are impacting companies and workers on a daily basis.

According to Mercer’s 2018 Global Talent Trends Study, it’s important to invest more in human skills like ‘’innovation, global mindset, and complex problem solving as the key to unlocking growth’’. If we think about talent trends on a global scale, we’re able to find different countries who are reimagining work at a faster pace than others.

However, there are 5 top global talent trends which are currently changing the workforce and that everyone should be aware of.

Top 5 Global Talent Trends

  • Flexibility: 

    According to Mercer’s study, 51% of employees want their company to offer more flexible work options, but the current market isn’t still able to meet their needs. Only 9% of the HR leaders worldwide say they have flexibility in their workplace. However, in Canada, 16% of these managers started to include this benefit in their companies. China, Japan and Singapore, on the opposite side, present themselves as the countries will less flexible working opportunities.


  • Well-being: 

    Well-being has been one of the hot topics of 2018. The truth is that work and personal life haven’t been so connected as they are now. For this reason, employees are demanding their companies to offer a set of benefits that include mental, physical and financial health. According to Deloitte’s survey, more than 50% of workers agree that a variety of well-being programs is ‘’valuable’’. This is starting to be a very important trend all over the globe, however, countries perceive this topic in different ways. In one hand, 91.6% of Asia respondents see this as an extremely important issue, but in the other, only 75.1% of employees in Central & Eastern Europe believe employers should focus on this issue.


  • Longevity And Population Ageing: 

    Deloitte’s survey shows that 20% of employers are already working with older employees in order to develop new career models. This has become more important than ever due to the population’s longevity and ageing. However, the importance given to this topic is different amongst regions. For example, in Deloitte’s study, we can see that 74.8% of employers in Latin & South America believe this is a big priority, as only 58.1% think this should be addressed when developing a new talent strategy. Although, in order to do it, companies need to find innovative strategies to keep workers motivated and to show them that they can fit in a diverse working environment.


  • People Data: 

    Securing personal details are also one of the most important topics being discussed right now. Companies have access to a big number of people’s data and need to take advantage of useful and powerful tools to make sure they’ll protect all employees. This means that organisations, all over the world, are expected to develop a set of strategies and policies that will guarantee safety around the security of people’s data, as well as mitigate any potential risk of a data breach. In fact, according to Deloitte, 90% of companies in Asia and 89.3% in Africa have started to address this issue, in order to find new ways of protecting their employees’ personal information.


  • AI, Robotics and Automation: 

    AI, Robotics and Automation have drastically impacted companies and workplaces. These innovative industries have been creating new roles and skills everywhere around the globe. In general, there will be a high demand for these skills that will allow the appearance of more roles. In fact, these new trends are already being seen is regions like Asia (84.1%), the Nordic countries (83%) and Middle East (74.5%). According to Deloitte, this is the best time to create new jobs and to ‘’re-think work architecture to benefit organisations, teams, and individuals.’’


Current Global Talent Trends

Current Global Talent Trends


Global Talent Trends in Tech Roles

When addressing global talent trends, we need to pay special attention to what’s happening in the technology industry. This is a sector that is constantly changing, due to several innovations and developments that shape this fast-paced market.

But, what are exactly the global trends that are affecting the tech industry? Below you can find some of the top trends that have been transforming this sector and creating new roles.

Where do tech professionals want to work?

Nowadays, tech professionals come from several countries with the desire of growing their expertise, salary or only to have an international experience.

According to the UN’s International Migration Report, the majority of these migrants are coming mainly from countries like India, Mexico, Russian Federation and China. But, where exactly do these experts want to relocate?

A survey from RelocateMe shows that some of the current hot destinations for software engineers include countries like The Netherlands, Germany, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and UAE. However, it’s always crucial to have in mind that technology is always changing, and so do these destinations. The smartest strategy would be to do an annual analysis to make sure you’ll always find the perfect person for the right job anywhere, anytime.

What are tech professionals looking for?

Based on the high number of job offers that technology professionals get on a weekly or monthly base, it’s challenging to know what are the benefits or perks they’re looking for. However, if we’re talking about professionals that want to relocate, one of the most important things for them is a relocation package. Companies offering these in their onboarding process, show they care about the way they settle in their new country. Also, offering visa and housing support is very appreciated, and can make a difference when accepting a job offer.

In general, tech experts are looking for opportunities where they can grow and see their salary increase. Moreover, they’re also looking for a company with a culture they can relate with and where they can feel at home.

What are the top 10 technology trends impacting hiring?

Technology industry currently holds some of the jobs with the highest demand. A recent report from Cisco shared the most significant trends that are impacting demand for skills across all type of IT roles. Cisco highlighted the following as the top 10 technology trends impacting hiring:

  • Cybersecurity/Data Security
  • Cloud Solutions/Technologies
  • Data Analysis/Visualization
  • Big Data
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Business Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Virtualization/Software Defined Infrastructure
  • Converged Infrastructure

What are the most difficult roles for IT organisations to fill?

The demand for specific roles can be really high and the truth is that sometimes companies struggle in order to find skilled candidates for specific positions. Based on Cisco’s report, we can see that depending on where they’re based, some IT organisations have a few difficulties when they need to fill tech roles. Below you can find some of the roles that have been more difficult for IT organisations to fill.

  • Network/System Administrator
  • Database Architect
  • Systems Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Mobile Applications Developer
  • Business Intelligence Architect Developer

What are the top IT skills for achieving professional success?

Every day, there are new technology skills being developed. However, in order to be considered for any IT role, there are some top IT skills being frequently required. By having these, you’ll already be one step ahead when it comes to potentially being called for an interview. According to Cisco, here are some of the top IT skills that can help you achieve professional success:

  • Engineering
  • Information Administration
  • Data
  • Linux
  • Cisco
  • SQL
  • Java
  • Phyton
  • XML
  • Unix


Global Talent Trends in Tech Roles

Global Talent Trends in Tech Roles


Future Talent Growth for In-Demand Roles

Cisco has recently released a technology jobs index, showcasing what could be the most significant roles for the future. This study focuses on some of the IT positions that are already impacting the hiring trends.


When thinking about the most significant jobs worldwide, here are some of the future most in-demand tech roles:

  • Security Management Specialist: This role will have a very high future importance, given to its high demand and long-term growth. According to the Cisco report, it’s believed not to be difficult to hire for this specific position.
  • Business Intelligence Architect/Developer: This will be one of the most important roles in the future due to its long-term growth. However, hiring for these type of positions can be difficult, as this is a role that requires a very specific set of skills and knowledge.
  • Machine Learning Designer/Developer/Engineer: When it comes to Machine Learning roles, all of them are perceived as being very important for the future. These type of positions have very high long-term growth and ease of recruiting.
Western Europe

If we only look into Western Europe countries, we can see a few differences when it comes to the most significant jobs. Here are some of the future most in-demand tech roles for this specific region:

  • Cyber/Information Security Engineer/Analyst: These type of roles have high importance for the future and long-term growth. Moreover, the good news is that hiring professionals with these skills can be very easy in this specific region.
  • Mobile Applications Developer: This role has high future importance and moderate long-term growth. However, due to the specifications of the position, it can be difficult to find skilled professionals.
  • Business Intelligence Analyst: The future importance of this role is high. However, the long-term growth for this type of position is moderate and recruiting should be easy.

How Companies Benefit From Talent Trends

Being aware of the current technologies talent trends allows companies to prepare for what’s about to come. According to Cisco, the most significant roles for IT functions – like Data Engineer, Cyber/Information Security Engineer or Machine Learning Developer – ‘’will add more than 5M positions worldwide by 2027’’.

The key here is knowledge. If companies know what are the skills they’ll need in a few months or years, they can start developing a talent acquisition strategy, in order to hire specific professionals. As some of them will have the most required skills in the future, there will be numerous companies fighting for the same candidate(s). So, the sooner a strategy is in place, the better.

Business Objectives and Teams.

Another great advantage that companies have is related to their business objectives and teams. Organisations that have set clear objectives, know exactly what they want to do, and which skills and technologies they’ll need, will clearly stand-out from the crowd.

By knowing which path to go, companies only need to be sure their employees have the right skills to help them succeed. If their workers already have the desired skill set that will be even better. However, in case this doesn’t happen, organisations will need to provide training. This could be a win-win situation because, not only the company is developing new technology, as it’s providing their employees with innovative skills that can be used later in other projects. Both the organisation and the employees will benefit from this, as innovation and learning are the keys to always perform better.

Although global talent trends change really fast, especially regarding tech roles, it’s crucial for companies to always be informed and try to be aware of what’s happening in the market. By having the right information, at the right time, organisations can know exactly what will be the next big thing in the technology industry.


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