Steps to improve your LinkedIn profile

Your LinkedIn profile is often the first impression others have of you in a professional context. A well-optimised profile helps you make a positive and memorable impact on potential employers, clients, or collaborators. Here are some simple steps to help you on your way.

Profile Picture: Your LinkedIn profile picture serves as your first impression to others. Ensure it is recent and genuinely represents you, occupying around 60% of the frame. Avoid distant shots, wear appropriate attire, and remember to smile with your eyes to leave a positive impact.

Background Photo: Make use of the background photo on your profile to catch people’s attention and showcase what matters to you. An attention-grabbing background sets your profile apart, captivating viewers and making a lasting impact.

Headline: Elevate your headline beyond a simple job title. Take advantage of this section to articulate your distinctive outlook on your role, your driving motivations, and what truly inspires you.

Summary: Don’t overlook the LinkedIn summary; make sure you have one! Leverage your summary to tell your story, delving beyond your skills and job titles. Highlight the significance of these skills and the positive impact they can have on your collaborators. Dedicate time and effort to create a compelling summary that truly resonates with your audience, leaving a lasting impression.

Expand Your Network: Efficiently expand your LinkedIn connections by synchronising your profile with your email address book. Take it a step further by sending personalized connection requests after meetings and conversations, ensuring your network stays vibrant, dynamic, and up-to-date.

Relevant Skills: Identify and add relevant skills to your profile. A focused skills list strengthens the description in your headline and summary while providing a basis for others to endorse you. Regularly review and update your skills to maintain relevance.

Engage with Relevant Content: Share and comment on relevant content in your LinkedIn feed to establish thought leadership. Well-articulated comments can showcase your unique perspective and invite more engagement from others.

Follow Influencers in Your Industry: Stay updated on industry trends by following influential figures in your field. This enriches your LinkedIn feed with valuable content, and you can share it with your network to add value.

Showcase Marketing Collateral: Elevate your profile by sharing your business’s marketing collateral, such as case studies and white papers. This demonstrates the essence of your company and reveals your passion and commitment to your field.

Endorsements: Endorsements add credibility to your skills and profile. Begin by endorsing connections whose skills you genuinely value, and don’t hesitate to request endorsements for key skills you wish to highlight.

Remember your LinkedIn profile is a great way to present yourself effectively, expand your professional network, and capitalise on various opportunities in the digital professional landscape.


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