3YOURMIND Supports The Fight Against COVID-19!

The tech world is rallying to do their part in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. 3YOURMIND has responded with their COVID Response Platform that is helping bring 3D printed parts to hospitals and medical centres. 

By utilising the latest tech, 3YOURMIND is empowering those on the front line to assess, source and order 3D printed parts crucial to the safety and wellbeing of the public and health workers. How does it work? 

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How The COVID Response Platform Works. 

The COVID Response Platform was launched to connect medical institutions and aid organizations to 3D designers and industrial 3D printing machines. With an increased level of transparency, sourcing and ordering specific 3D printable parts is much easier. 

There are 3 main parts to the COVID Response Platform:

  • The first is a digital inventory of 3D parts that have been assessed to minimise the risks for healthcare workers because they have already been used in a medical setting.
  • Second is an easy-to-use submission system for new parts that will be examined and then evaluated for potential use.
  • Finally, an ordering platform matches hospitals, clinics and suppliers of medical equipment with 3D printing services and additive manufacturing departments in OEMs who have offered to allocate their production for medical goods. 

Speaking about the initial success of the project, Alexandre Donnadieu, Managing Director, USA said, “The 3D printing community quickly began producing medical supplies as a stop-gap production method. We saw we could track and help focus on medically-relevant parts to minimize risk. Our main role now is organizing orders and distribution of those 3D printed parts with free access to our software to now over 45 industrial 3D producers.”

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How Can You Help? 

It has been well reported in the media that the increased demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) has caused delays in supply. By creating access for medical centres to 3D printable designs, that are proven safe for use, and 45+ manufactures all in one place, the ordering and delivery of essential parts is made far easier and transparent.  

If you work as a healthcare professional or know someone that is, please go to 3YOURMIND’s dedicated page

to learn more and to get started. 

Please share this article with anyone you feel could be helped by the 3YOURMIND COVID Response Platform.

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