5 Quick-Fire Job Hunting Tips

Job hunting is a game where the rules can change from time to time. If you’re not keeping your finger on the pulse of trends in recruitment, searching for your dream job can feel like an uphill struggle. To help keep you informed, the Stelfox team have pulled together 5 quick-fire job hunting tips that will help you on your career development journey.
In particular, we look at how you can improve your application and interview preparation.

The CV Layout Tip.

At Stelfox, we have a constant stream of high quality, detailed and well-designed CVs coming into us. However, sometimes they just need a bit of tweaking to stand out. This can often be due to a lack of clarity in some parts of the CV.

For example, you may have included the perfect professional background, education and general skills. However, if a detail such as a specific technology that is relevant to the position is missing, you may be selling yourself short.

It’s also important to be seen as an achiever and not a doer. By listing your key achievements, it will paint a much better picture of what value you’ll bring to the table and how you’ll be able to solve problems.

Remember that every single job you apply for is different, even if it is the same job title. So read the job description and make sure your skills and competencies reflect what your potential employer is looking for in plain and simple language.

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The Conversation Tip.

Don’t rule out an opportunity too early in the job search. This can extend to topics such as location, remote working options and learning a new technical language. While not every position will be for you, it’s always great to have a conversation. If a job is not right for you, getting to know a recruiter will have benefits in the long term.

During that chat, the recruiter will ask plenty of questions to help understand exactly what you do and, more importantly, what you want to do. Then, when the right career move for you does come to light, you’ll be top of the list.

The Pastimes Tip.

Modern workplaces are changing rapidly and are open to candidates who seek a good work-life balance. Also, skills can always be learned by the right people, so don’t let imposter syndrome hold you back.
It’s important to share your pastimes, hobbies and passions in the application process. This will give the hiring manager a clearer image of the type of person you are and not just the coding languages you know.

The Ever-Ready Tip.

From the moment you click on the apply button, anything is possible.
It is important to be prepared from the very beginning to follow up on applications, provide more information and attend interviews. Do your research, brush up on your skills and have everything in order.
There is always the possibility of a phone call or response from a hiring manager/recruiter at any time. The more prepared you are, the faster the process will move.

The Style Tip.

Appearance, presentation and showing your enthusiasm are pivotal aspects of the recruitment process.
This can even apply to remote working options. It is best to be in the frame of mind to think of yourself as physically being in a workplace, at least when meeting people for the first time.
Dress appropriately for the workplace and upcoming interviews. It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed as it sends a more positive message that you want to be there.

Now is the best time to start your job hunting and we can help you. Search our live jobs here or call Stelfox on +353 1 679 3182 to start your journey to a better job.

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