7 Top Recruitment Trends for 2021

Many of the trends predicted for 2021 were born out of the global events that shook us all in 2020. Let’s take what we’ve learned and turn adversity into an opportunity as we stride into a year that will bring challenges as well as triumphs. We look at the top trends in the world of recruitment for 2021 so that you can be prepared for what is to come.

1 – Flexible working patterns

The pandemic led to many businesses realising that flexible working is entirely possible and incredibly productive. It does not work for everybody and that is where employers and recruiters alike need to be sensitive to individual needs. A hybrid working situation might suit many, whereby the working week is split between home and the office. A further upside to the increase in remote working possibilities for candidates, recruiters and employers is the removal of location from job/candidate searches. Candidates will have far more options, including global opportunities, and recruiters can expand their talent pool. We could also see a rise in digital nomads – a trend to come once travel is possible again.

2 – Internal hiring

Larger businesses will increasingly invest in training and development internally, hiring less but making smarter recruitment decisions and building on that talent more. The shift began in 2020, with LinkedIn finding that internal hiring at UK businesses increased by 20% between April and August compared to the same period the previous year. For recruiters, this means truly understanding what the client wants and foreseeing business needs so that you find the best talent for the business and not just a particular role. 

3 – The use of freelancers

With businesses trying to become leaner and save costs, an increasing number will turn to freelancers to cover short-term hiring needs – especially now more businesses are open to remote workers. Simultaneously, the freelancer pool has expanded rapidly as those struggling to find permanent positions look to freelance work out of necessity. So, as well as flexible work within permanent positions, flexible/contract talent will be looked to on short-term basis.   

4 – Expanded skillsets

The pandemic has highlighted the vital importance of soft skills such as adaptability, problem-solving, effective communication, and collaboration. Prep your candidates in how to demonstrate these skills and encourage clients to look at a range of skills when it comes to talent rather than just direct experience and qualifications. 

5 – Social media hiring

With people turning to social media as a way to contact the outside world without actually going outside, it made sense to reach top talent there – ‘meet the people where they are’. With digital expansion having been vastly accelerated over the past year, this kind of social media hiring strategy is a trend that is set to continue. 

6 – A shift in employer branding strategy

With the increase in remote working, perks such as a fancy office with free drinks and gym membership just are not enough anymore. Instead, job seekers want to know that a company cares – diversity and inclusion policies and mental health initiatives are crucial in 2021. LinkedIn predicts that employer branding must now “hinge on empathy and actions” rather than company perks.

7 – Diversity and inclusion are non-negotiable

2020 wasn’t just the year of a global pandemic, it was the year the Black Lives Matter movement made us all think about what we can do to promote a more tolerant and inclusive society. You can help lead the movement to create more diverse and inclusive workplaces by ensuring unconscious bias is eliminated from your hiring process, nurturing a pipeline of diverse talent, and encouraging clients to recruit more diversely. Countless research has found that diverse workplaces lead to more profitable businesses. Another 2021 trend will help to facilitate this, as remote working will allow the expansion of talent pools to reach underrepresented groups.

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Source & Copyright: WaveTrackR – Image: Pexels


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