9 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

Whether you are job hunting openly or privately it is essential to keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date. Most recruiters and career experts would say that LinkedIn is your online and very public CV so make sure it always looks great and highly professional.  We are going to share some key areas that are worth updating and hope that you succeed in your job search at the start of this new year.

1. Ensure that you have a completed summary at the top of your profile.

Your summary does not have to be very long but it is a free-text field where you can briefly outline your current status, your specialties as well as the career path you would like to take. This is also the place where you can basically sell yourself by including something that might stand out about you. This area can potentially give hiring managers or recruiters an immediate positive impression even before they read any further.

2. Expand on each of your positions within your work experience section.

The more information you add the better, however, try not to overdo it by starting to write a lengthy essay either. When hiring managers and recruiters search for the perfect candidate, they look for specific keywords so the more relevant keywords you include, the higher the chances that you will be found.

3. Customise your public profile URL and include it in your email signature.

It’s a great idea to customise your profile URL to something shorter such as your name because it will help your profile move to the top of a Google search. Include your shorter and neater URL in your email signature when applying for new roles or when contacting potential employers, hiring managers or recruiters.

4. Ask your previous managers for recommendations. 

Recommendations can be looked at as credible references so definitely try to get at least a few and preferably have them displayed for your most recent roles.

5. Add your skills and expertise and ask for endorsements.

Your most highly endorsed skills will be seen as your core skills and strengths. You can also choose to reduce the amount of endorsements or even hide them all together after receiving them.

6. Include your personal or employer’s website.

This can not only come in handy but it also reduces the amount of research a hiring manager will have to do when they are looking at your profile.

7. Join groups that match your target industry, job title or professional interests.

Joining a group enables you to read or participate in discussions or can even offer you the possibility to message other group members.

8. If you are actively and openly searching for a new job, you can add this information to your headline.

For example, you can add something like “Java Developer – Seeking New Opportunities.” This can help generate more connections and messages.

9. Include a professional profile picture. 

It is a good idea to include a simple headshot image of yourself and a warm, friendly smile will encourage others to engage with you.

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