Aoife & David – Their First Remote Month at Stelfox

How did your first week in Stelfox go?

David: I started with Stelfox at the end of September. As with any new job, it can be a daunting experience entering into a new environment, but it could not have been further from the truth in this instance. I had already met Phil Carr, the CEO, as part of my interview, which gave me a great insight into the atmosphere within the company, Everyone was very welcoming and approachable, offering their time at any point if I needed it.

Aoife: My first few weeks in Stelfox have been great. Starting remotely during the pandemic has been a different experience for sure. Despite not being able to meet the team in the office it was great to see them face-to-face on Google Hangout. Everyone has been so inclusive and has made me feel part of the team from the start.

What did you learn in your first few weeks at Stelfox?

David: My first week was primarily focused on Training and Induction. My induction was done with Jennifer from HR, who was a pleasure to work with, very friendly and incredibly helpful during my first couple of days. She made sure I was comfortable with the processes and understood everything.

My Technology training was done with my Manager Jamie, who made sure to meticulously go through everything , to ensure my knowledge was at the level it needed to be as an IT recruiter. Given the situation we find ourselves in with Covid-19, he trained me virtually and the organisation and the resources he had in place made it a seamless to get into my new role. The following weeks I got into the thick of things, sourcing candidates and identifying the skills needed to be a good match for the roles our clients need to be filled.

Aoife: From a learning perspective I now know a lot more about the digital world and setting myself up for success while working remotely. The training and support from Stelfox have been excellent. Anytime I have had any queries at all they have been very prompt at coming back.

How are things going now with the current lockdown and working from home?

Aoife: Stelfox has a Social Club, which I am part of, and they have been superb. In my first week I received a welcome kit and a ‘healthy snack pack’ to my house in Mayo, which I enjoyed thoroughly. They also organised a Halloween quiz and sweets delivery as well as healthy lunches and activity surveys so we can all decide what we would like to do next for entertainment. 

I am grateful that I have been made feel very welcome and part of the team. Already it feels like I have been here for longer! Stelfox has a great emphasis on work life balance with an option to finish early on Friday which is always great! 

David: Since I started at Stelfox, everyone has been very supportive from the start, whether it is the CEO checking in to see how things are progressing, or the Head of Business Development sharing her expertise. Jennifer is always here to help going through the systems training to make sure I’m up to speed,  my manager checks in with me every day to see how the day is going and our Marketing Executive is often in contact with us to ensure our LinkedIn profile and content is up to scratch. All in all, the support and training has made it a great experience in what is normally a daunting task in starting a new job.

If you want to join the Stelfox Team, send us your CV to [email protected] or visit our LinkedIn feed.


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