Brexit & Ireland: Cork’s Port And Business Community Prepares

Here at Stelfox Cork, we are proud of our central location on South Mall. We are located in a city of growth & innovation with some post-Brexit growth opportunities.

While the possibility for an EU/UK deal is slightly more positive, we are actively looking at the challenges which Cork businesses, our clients and candidates will face by Brexit.

Cork’s Trade Associations and Cork Harbour Commissioners (Port of Cork) are being proactive. A no-deal Brexit will risk our all-island economy in Ireland so installing modern technology and promoting local entrepreneurship to stay competitive is essential. 

Ireland And Brexit Preparation: How Cork Is Preparing.

Cork’s Port, in particular, is partaking in significant protection measures – implementing tech alterations, and expanding capacity to their customs facilities to prepare for this truly uncertain era as we await a scheduled EU exit.

The Port pursued a ‘worst-case scenario’ preparation process, ensuring that their capacity would be increased to cater for administrative delays resulting from a heightened Brexit. They also looked to what they already had, a ‘sheltered’ harbour whose trade patterns are planned well in advance and can be tailored to altered patterns.

We at Stelfox Cork support this protection of our local economy, which was undertaken at a significant planning costs, showing confidence for continued growth.

Port of Cork has anticipated this impact upon our current supply chain, with directed Public Information Events taking place as far back as January 2018, when it became clear that the continued Brexit process was becoming more complicated and acquiring more difficult dimensions. (Engineers Ireland)

A critical part of this is engaging the business community, encouraging innovative job creation and seeking to expand workforces and scales, to adapt for the greater numbers coming to Ireland in a “post-Brexit world.” (EchoLive)

Business In Cork: Solidarity.

You may ask why we at Stelfox Cork are concerned by the role of the Port? How do we connect with freight deliveries, ferry arrivals and marine life? Simply put, a successful port navigates through the business stream of our region, attracting investment from multiple sectors.

Companies in Cork thrive on these sectors and their diversity, and it makes for a supportive trading environment for tech startups, I.T. companies and those tech sector organisations looking for a new place to call home.

Cork Smart Customs: Quick Border.

We will retain our close connections with the U.K., but there will be new customs requirements if, for trading purposes, it acquires a ‘third country’ trading status with the E.U.

This will likely involve additional expense and impact upon the supply chain. Therefore planning must take place in relying on technology along the lines of the ‘Smart Borders’ package and Port Community systems.

It is anticipated that border and customs controls will steadily adapt and that with confirmed negotiation agreements, a settled trading environment will emerge.

Stelfox Cork & Brexit. 

Joe at Stelfox Cork welcomes the Business Community and Port’s proactive measures. Joe said, “The new tech-focused customs facilities at the Port of Cork will help with continued trade in the area at present, which we are finding difficult to predict; this will naturally lead to further investment in Cork – creating more jobs with our clients, and for our candidates.”

Brexit, deal or no deal stands to significantly alter the trading landscape throughout Ireland. Here at Stelfox Cork, we are being proactive in our approach, hoping that the process will settle and that the Cork business community can adapt to the new status quo.

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