How candidates evaluate job offers

Stelfox’s purpose is to engage and present the best tech talent to support our clients’ needs. In order to do it, we are focused on understanding candidates needs and what drives their career progression and satisfaction. Stelfox did an online survey for 1 month, where our focus was to understand how candidates evaluate job offers. 

What do candidates care about?

What are candidates looking for?

The Top 3 Benefits candidates are looking for include:

Package: When evaluating a potential job offer, 65% candidates see Basic Salary as critical in their decision making. The first thing they want to make sure of is that the compensation offered in terms of salary and benefits package meets their expectation. the ample compensation in terms of salary and benefits package.

Progression: As opportunities in the market place increase candidates want to hear about promotion opportunities and growth. 47% sees the opportunity for promotion something critical to make a decision.

Work/Life Balance: Candidates are now more than ever looking for roles that will offer a good work/life balance. With increased knowledge of the effects of workplace stress on physical and mental health, 61% evaluate the opportunity to balance work and life when considering a job offer.

Key Findings

• 35% of candidates see Health Insurance as an important benefit to be included in the salary package.

• Although candidates see Pension as an important addition to the salary package, only 12% categorise it as very important.

• When analysing Career Progression, 59% would like to have an opportunity for Professional Development & Training and 47% for Promotion.

• In order to achieve a Work/Life Balance, 43% would like to have an option to Work from Home on occasion and 39% the opportunity to do flexitime.

• When evaluating potential job opportunities and ranking the order of importance, Work/Life Balance comes in first place, followed by the Salary/Remuneration and Career Progression, respectively.

• In general, 82% admit feeling undervalued/annoyed when a company offers them a lower salary than their expectation.

About the Survey


We would like to thank everyone that has taken the survey and freely shared their opinions.

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