Career Moves: IT Contracting in Europe

IT Contracting is your opportunity to put choice into your career moves; to go from project to project and to be an innovative, insightful and valued contributor to varied settings and projects. Stelfox is a passionate supporter of the Contracting scene in Ireland and our European marketplace is no exception to this, offering travel opportunities and roles with enticing and wide-ranging scope, allowing you to bring your technical skills to exciting new locations, industries and clients.

It is very important to be future-focused in this arena due to the current circumstances, but maybe it is the perfect time to plan and to explore, virtually.

Here are our 5 exciting European cities to focus your IT globetrotting this week!


A prime centre of concentration for the European marketplace, Brussels is home to an exciting range of multinationals. These are the types of organisations who perfectly fit the bill for acquiring the skills of IT Contractors on a short-term basis to get some of the most exciting projects done!


The opportunity to explore IT roles in Amsterdam will bring you to one of Europe’s most innovative tech hubs, with a bustling and creative scene of like-minded tech talent there for you to meet.

Here you will find a blend of IT Contractor opportunities within a welcoming commercial scene, where you can shine in being a key part of project growth.


At Stelfox, we are very proud to have an insider view of the Berlin tech scene and the wider Commercial scene looking for that perfect IT Contractor.

Immerse yourself in the lifestyle and career options that Germany’s capital has to offer.


When it comes to Frankfurt, many of us think of Finance, and this vital Fintech hub is a wonderful base for IT Contractors to create and truly deliver.

It also offers varied Professional Services possibilities for candidates outside of tech.


The City of Lights is leading the way in all areas of tech offering traditional IT roles, in addition to a range of businesses requiring tech powering to boost their functionality.

Consider your options here, on your future-focused IT Contractor journey, this may be your fantastic moment to find out!

Practical Tips: Becoming an IT Contractor in Europe

By taking this exciting route and growing your career as an IT Contractor in Europe you will gain in your lifestyle and your finances, but there are important practicalities to consider before rapidly taking career moves.

Another very important factor is languages, and with a significant amount of IT Contracting opportunities for English speakers, perhaps you can power and uplift a project if you can bring a multilingual dimension. There are opportunities for everybody!

Make sure to get in contact with our Stelfox Contract and International teams, who can guide you in the right direction when complying with important Legal & Administrative requirements for Contracting roles in our network.

We can find you for that perfect role as an IT Contractor in Ireland and Europe, the world is the oyster of your career moves . Contact us at [email protected] and [email protected] to find out more. 

Image: pexels


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