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Stelfox Consulting partners with clients to deliver business-critical technology projects that drive performance and achieve strategic goals.

Our Services

Critical Skills Gap

Individual/Team Mobilisation:

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Global Market Mapping
  • Strategic Partner Networking
  • Extensive Evaluation & Selection
  • Work Permits, Visas and Relocation
  • Full Cycle Project Delivery

Advisory Services

  • Expert-led Tech-testing
  • Language Assessment
  • Psychometric Testing
  • Contracts of Employment
  • Employment Handbooks
  • Work Permits, Visas and Relocation

Market Insights

  • Global Sourcing Strategies
  • Emerging Technologies
  • EU Work Permits and Visas, Regulation and Compliance

Why Choose Stelfox Consulting

1. Understanding and Advice

Deep industry and market knowledge that translates into quality deliverables, substantial cost savings and projects delivered ahead of schedule

2. A Proven Track Record

Ensuring a systematic approach to market mapping and sourcing based on extensive profiling and deep search.

3. Strong Mutual Relationships

Build on trust, partnership and success

Functions we serve

Technology Leadership

Organizations are increasingly seeing their people as their greatest assets, and heavily investing in hiring and developing their staff. A great leadership team can influence, inspire and support their teams, to deliver excellence across all aspects of their working life. Key individuals such as Project Managers are vital in ensuring the fluidity and success at a project level, and work closely with senior management to ensure alignment with the core business needs and values.

At Stelfox, our dedicated PMO team have provided new opportunities to PMO professionals across Ireland since 2001, while our Stelfox Executive Search division assist senior level professionals in realising their potential, in C-suite, Director and Managerial level positions.

Software Engineering

At Stelfox, we have a mantra to help our clients build, sell and support world-class products and services. Consequently, we provide our clients with the most dynamic and innovative software engineering talent in the marketplace.

Our highly experienced Consultants recruit across a range of software engineering projects, both legacy and emerging, specialising in the critical skill gap languages of:

  • Java
  • Scala
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • PHP

  • .Net
  • C++
  • C#
  • SQL

UI/UX Design

The Digital Age is pervasive in every aspect of our lives, as we collaborate, learn, share, explore and work.

As we enter the “Experience Age”, the User Journey and Experience is the core focus for contemporary product and services organisations, longing for meaningful engagement with their global audience. Our customers are always thinking up new ideas to showcase their brands, content and marketing, through the innovative use of technology including Augmented / Virtual Reality software and clever Mobile apps and websites. There is also a shift towards more audio / visual communications strategies via Podcasts, Youtube channels and Webinars.

At Stelfox, our expert Consultants are happy to walk you through some of the exciting projects where you can utilise your creative spark, such as User Experience (UX) design, User Interface (UI) development, Digital Marketing, Mobile Development and Content Writing.

Data Science & AI

Data is a vital component of modern day business. Organisations are investing heavily in the data rush and are introducing more comprehensive strategies for data analytics, to find the best way to mine and provide usable insights for a range of activities, like analysing customer behaviours and patterns, identifying new market opportunity or forecasting events through historical & predictive modelling.

At Stelfox, our specialist Data Consultants work with all levels of seniority, from entry level Data Analysts to Director of Data Services, across topics including Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Data Science and Data Engineering (BigData ecosystems).

Cyber Security

Security attacks are becoming more sophisticated and frequent with the emergence of Ransom-ware as well as the common security threats of Spyware, Phishing, Botnet, Spam and Malware to name a few.
At Stelfox, we are witnessing a significant growth in demand for cyber-security professionals worldwide, who can counteract these sophisticated techniques to keep their customer data, networks and sensitive information protected at all times.

Our experienced Consultants specialise in making the world a safer place, in areas like Malware & Threat Research, Application security, Network security, Penetration Tester & Ethical Hacking, Information Security and other related fields.

Infrastructure & Cloud

The core backbone of almost every organisation is their IT Infrastructure and flexible strategy for Networks, Server Hardware, Data Storage, Software, Securities and Standards, either on-premise or via a third-party outsourcing provider (offering combinations of on-premise, Cloud or hybrid solutions).

At Stelfox, our Consultants have extensive Infrastructure and Cloud experience in Networking, Server Administration, Datacenter Engineering, Virtualisation, Cloud Computing, Storage and System Engineering.

Sales Engineering
Digital Marketing

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