Broad and Varied: Java Contracting Opportunities

We have a broad selection of companies in our network for you to bring your skills as a Java IT Contractor, from catering to the specific needs of Financial Institutions to contributing to the growth of Multinationals.        

With opportunities in varying sectors, our Consultants can guide you through this enticing area. It is a search led by our team who have a proven record of delivering for clients and placing talented IT Contractors into firms, with very competitive Daily Rates of pay.


These types of role are very well suited to IT Contractors who thrive on project work, where you can become a reliable part of the team, a solution-focused candidate who can play an optimum role in Software Development and guiding permanent members of the company in using new forms of Software.

Delivering Solutions

Have you considered bringing your years of experience in areas such as DevOps, Java, SQL Server, Containerization, AngularJS, UI/UX (just some of the broad selection), to a range of new environments?

You can play a key role in improving security and bringing IT systems to contemporary standards, and you can provide hardcore programming updates and deliver algorithmic and analytical solutions to welcoming working spaces. And, after this, you can move onto to your next project.

There are opportunities for IT Contractors in all areas, and roles can pop up quickly, requiring immediate attention and that perfect Java Wizard to bring a confident type of tech magic.

Bringing Trends to the fore

Our network of Java Contractors have had the opportunity to be placed at the core of a business, to be builders of JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries, to enhance the interactive experience for all stakeholders of a company and to bring Agile methodologies to the fore.

A successful IT Contractor (in all areas) will have the chance to enhance development guidelines, ensuring that the most up-to-date trends are introduced and maintained. Your contribution will provide real change and real value.

Java Leadership

As an IT Contractor, you are in great demand for short-to-medium term contracts and you will have the chance to become a true Java champion and Business Leader in interpreting requirements. You will understand the demands of the Project Managers you will work with.

It is the time to consider moving ahead with this portable portion of your career, where your technical aptitude and people skills can be best used, and where you can co-ordinate multi-technology environments and business needs on a Project basis.

Consider our experienced and expert Contracting team at Stelfox to guide you on your journey, to introduce you to our network and to find that perfect role where you can gain professionally, socially and financially from the life of an IT Contractor.

Call us today at Stelfox – The Home of IT Contracting at 01-6793182, email us at [email protected] or check out the range of roles on our website and LinkedIn feed.

Image: pexels


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