Cork: Nucleus Of IoT Technology

Cork, Ireland’s new tech capital has played a significant role in the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT). 

This concept has the potential to include an ever-expanding range of household/workplace IoT devices and is set to completely revolutionise how we work, communicate and interact.

IoT has impacted our client and candidate search too, with highly-specialised candidates seeking a move to Cork to be a part of this IT nucleus.

Stelfox Cork looks to opportunities for its business partners, applicants and connections to continually innovate in this exciting sector and to consider basing themselves or their enterprises within the Cork marketplace.

IoT Firms To Know.

Cork is a leading centre of IoT development with local researchers being recognised internationally in terms of sectoral advancement. 

For IT and tech workers with an interest in this field, there are ripe possibilities for investment, startup support and employment in a location surrounded by industry leaders.

Cork provides the perfect blend for these firms with our Tyndall National Institute being at the forefront of semiconductor technology alongside an impressive IT cluster.

The presence of Analog Devices contributes significantly to the local tech environment and wider IoT ecosystem. These pioneers, in terms of integrating the physical and digital worlds, have connected monitoring processes from industries as far-flung as agriculture and healthcare, with hi-tech sensors delivering real-time analysis to users.

Diverse companies of this stature in Cork show confidence in the local marketplace making Cork more attractive and appealing. 

Over-C leads the way in terms of local firms embracing IoT, due to their significant success, Stelfox Cork sees a natural possibility for industry expansion, candidate employment options and continued growth of this exciting sector.

Our team is here to guide you through the possibilities.

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IoT Companies In Cork: A Centre Of Research.

As a city and county with undeniable ‘tech heritage’, Cork’s education scene has sought to deliver tailored, IT and tech courses to enrich the local economy with tech talent. 

The Cork team at Stelfox has enthusiastically followed the efforts of Nimbus Research Centre at C.I.T. which has become a significant innovator in producing end-to-end applications for IoT.

Nimbus are a leading developer of prototypes for the industry and their wide client links make them a leading player in development. Cork also plays a role in the national Insight Centre for Data Analytics, which has a national presence. 

For those considering moving to Cork, startups and research centres such as these form a pivotal part of the decision-making process for industry assurance and security.

Stelfox Cork And The Internet Of Things.

Internet of Things aims to streamline everyday processes and to make life simple. Now is an exciting time to get involved in this domain and Stelfox Cork is here to support you.

Search our live jobs here! You can also phone our Cork office on +353 21 427 3668 or our Dublin office on +353 1 679 3182 to find out more about how Stelfox can help you advance in this brave new world of IoT.



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