Cork’s Silicon Street: South Mall

Silicon Street: Tech Companies In Cork.

Cork’s South Mall is an iconic centre of commerce for companies in Cork City. This traditional district has long been home to Cork’s merchant community of banks & professional services for generations. It is now embracing a new offering as a CBD for established and up-and-coming tech companies. The Mall is developing further and is becoming a central focus for tech & cybersecurity firms, as expansion occurs within the Irish market.

Software Companies In Cork: What Clicks?

Stelfox is at the centre of this unique and innovative Silicon Street. This street is one which blends the old-world feel of Georgian Cork with impressive new office developments. South Mall forms its own IT cluster, with like-minded organisations moving into this new tech neighbourhood, which within five years has vastly expanded, and is continually growing.

Buildings have been revitalised and an upward swing has occurred. South Mall directly faces towards the new builds in Cork’s Docklands, still holding its position as the focal point of business in Cork City with a new technological edge.

Cork's Silicon Street: South Mall

The Cork Welcome For International Traders.

South Mall has firmly welcomed this modern industry, who are attracted to both its tradition, and its open-minded spirit. It is a street which has been rejuvenated by domestic and international investment, which still retains its proximity to the extra-curricular sphere of Cork’s dining and retail options.

Prominent tech and tech-reliant companies such as ‘Cylance‘, ‘ClickDimensions‘ and ‘ScrapingHub‘ have made their home here and with co-working options such as ‘Republic of Work‘ and ‘Plus10‘ nearby. It is a reliable and supportive base for Cork startups.

The Local Trading District In Cork.

Local support for the sector has also played a role; the centrally-located Silicon Street is synonymous with the business community. Large companies in Cork and more niche service offerings pay attention to South Mall, its growth and its continued impact on life in Cork City & County.

With more accessible rent rates than competing cities, and closely interlinking with the wider transport network; South Mall allows for the development of industry excellence managing to attract & entice investors, with a good record of retaining these new neighbours.

Retaining Tradition.

South Mall continues to keep its traditional flair with many of its familiar names remaining here, whilst making it a solid base for new neighbours.  Local entrepreneurs and international investors feel comfortable in this diverse business community.

The energetic vibe of South Mall was a deciding factor in Stelfox launching here; it is a street of multiple disciplines and close connections to wider life in Cork. This Silicon Street is open for international business but retains its Cork accent. It is approachable to all and is an exciting centre of trade and leisure. As tech and IT continue to expand from the nucleus of our city location, we look forward to meeting new clients, candidates and members of the tech community.

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