Our raison d’etre is to tap into people’s ‘unlimited potential’. This informs our whole ethos; how we develop and support our employees, how we develop relationships with our candidates and clients, and how we strive to create a better world. Our unlimited potential philosophy is especially integrated within our CSR activity. We have a strong partnership with Soar and Indreni, our two chosen charities whose primary aim is to help young people realise their unlimited potential.

We are particularly proud of how these initiatives have become an integral part of our DNA as an organisation, and how Soar and Indreni organically weaved into one another through Stelfox.


Indreni is an international foundation to support impoverished children in Nepal. Indreni provides quality education, healthcare and a loving home where children can develop, grow and be encouraged to reach their unlimited potential.

Stelfox Chairman Keith Molony met Indreni founder Ram Hari Khadka whilst in Nepal, and ever since,

Stelfox has been heavily involved with Indreni at a strategic level. Stelfox commits a percentage of our annual profits to Indreni, and our employees are heavily involved in the organisation of fundraising activities, such as bake sales and Strictly Come Dancing nights.


Soar create and deliver early intervention-preventative, wellness workshops inside the school system for young people aged 12 to 18 years from all backgrounds and deliver these workshops in schools all over the country. Young people are given the opportunity to be themselves, to build self-confidence, self belief and emotional awareness.

After meeting with Soar founders Tony Griffin and Karl Swan in 2012 and hearing their vision to inspire and empower the young people of Ireland, the Stelfox Board decided to become a founding partner, and support that dream and vision in becoming a reality. Our CEO, Liam Laffey, is a very active member of the Soar board. As well as an annual donation, Stelfox employees are also actively involved in Soar events, from quiz nights to white collar boxing events.


Members of the Soar team also visit the Stelfox office regularly to update our staff on progress and in January completed a comprehensive off-site workshop with our staff. This was a hugely positive experience and laid the foundation for the creation of team-specific employee workshops.

Stelfox’s continued partnership with Soar is best conveyed in the words of its CEO, Tony Griffin.

“It is incredible to think that as a result of Stelfox’s continued faith back in 2012 in Soar we reached 5,568 young people in 2016. That is a lot of young lives saved and others ignited with purpose. Also in 2016, Stelfox’s input meant 40 young people aged 17-18 received a year of training as part of their training pathway to become future facilitators of our programs in schools. I hope you are proud of the immense ripple effect your decision to back Soar over the last few years is having on young lives all across Ireland. In 2017, 7,000 young people will experience Soar in their schools this year.”