5 CV Writing Tips: Make These Quick Changes Now!

Great CV writing is vital to make sure your CV catches the eye of anyone reading it and not rejected. It’s a competitive job market, especially for IT and tech roles, but you can put your best foot forward by making these small adjustments to your CV. Let us show you how. 

CV Format And User Experience.

Take the same approach to write your CV that you do to developing. A smooth and engaging user experience will make the reviewer want to read on and learn more about you. 

A good CV format is a key factor in success. In an era where high numbers of applications are received, a concise and informative CV is important in getting yourself noticed.

This is as simple as an accessible font and style, which is present throughout the document. It should be easy to follow, chronological and to the point.

A tailored blurb, describing who you are and what you want can also help. It will show the recruiter that you understand the role. Think about who you are and what you can offer, a strategy that always helps with CV writing.

Context Is Everything! List Appropriate Experience. 

Stelfox is focused on Tech talent and IT recruitment, we are involved in the pre-screening of job applicants and make sure that the right candidate is the right fit for the job.

Applicants should hold the appropriate skillset for the advertised role i.e. an Electronic Engineer may be tech-oriented and have very similar competencies, but they would not fit the specific requirements for some of our skilled IT opportunities.

We will also look to where you currently or most recently worked, and the reasons for moving. This can all impact upon the perfect CV.

It’s just as important not to oversell yourself as it is to not undersell yourself. Be honest and list the skills that are relevant plus what you’ve actually achieved in previous roles.  

Salary Expectations. Do Your Research!

It is very important to target your application at the right salary band. Although the tech sector is growing and good salaries are there for the right candidate. It is necessary to strike the balance between what you honestly expect your salary worth to be, and the possibilities offered by the company.

If you have too much experience, the hiring team may be curious as to why a certain role is targeted by a person who should be at a higher rate of pay.

Employment History. Explain Any Gaps That Appear. 

Gaps in your CV can sometimes be a warning sign which results in a CV rejection, but this does not mean you should be discouraged from applying for advertised IT roles.

It is important to do your CV writing in such a way that information gaps are explained. The CV is the story of life and a recruiter and employer welcome candidates with life experience beyond a piece of paper.

Unexplained information gaps are very diverse and range from a candidate returning from a career break and to those with CV gaps due to illness.

Submit Your CV And Be Ready To Communicate.

As Recruitment Consultants our job is to communicate and get a good idea of who you are, and to guide you in your steps to apply for a job. Remember that we are here to help!

It is important to have key tech and industry terms in your application; this shows market awareness and makes for the perfect CV.

From the moment your CV is submitted you should be ready to communicate, it is best to have relevant answers prepared if a member of the hiring team speedily calls you to discuss your submission.

Remember these key points:

  • Right candidate & right fit.
  • List appropriate skillset.
  • Where you previously worked & have moved form.
  • Apply for appropriate salary band.
  • Strike balance between salary worth & what is offered.
  • Employment History (explain CV gaps).
  • Good CV formatting prevents rejection.
  • Blurb/description of who you are and what you want.
  • Key industry terms evident in the application.
  • Be ready to communicate, and respond from the moment of CV submission.

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