Denisa Pantilimon: Trending Tech Topics In Europe

Since joining the Stelfox team, Denisa Pantilimon has built on her expertise in international options for IT and tech candidates looking for that next opportunity throughout Europe. Denisa Pantilimon guides us through some of the trending topics in tech all over Europe.

My Stelfox journey has looked to career opportunities in many markets, with the German market constituting a central part of what I do. There is a lot happening and many opportunities out there for those looking to relocate.

Startup Scene in Germany and Ireland.

Ireland is learning a lot from Germany concerning startup acceleration, the range of seasoned entrepreneurs contributing to mentorship and the provision of finances to young innovators.

We can see an increase in attention for startups throughout the tech ecosystem in Germany, all over Europe and indeed in Dublin. €1 Billion investment in an ‘Innovation District’ is planned at Grand Canal Dock, Dublin within a 20-minute walk of our base at Earlsfort Terrace.

We have seen the success of start-up incubators amongst our German and European client base. We find it encouraging to see the concept being embraced in Ireland.

This level of entrepreneurial support extends from IT and tech to every conceivable industry and is a trending topic for everyone to keep a close eye on.


Generation Fintech.

Fintech is set to grow in the next year. This is not only a trending topic but it is acknowledged by many to be a new, permanent feature of the tech ecosystem.

These roles tend to involve the creation of digital spaces and platforms. These can be assured, safe and secure routes for individuals and businesses to trade and exchange.

Industry users include Banks and Financial Institutions, along with businesses requiring remote payment facilities.

Fintech career paths are particularly appealing to talent such as DevOps Engineers who are familiar and competent in Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery processes, along with Software Engineers specialised in Site Reliability Engineering,

It is certainly an area that has taken off in Germany, particularly for tech roles in the financial hub of Frankfurt.

Fintech is a disruptive force in the marketplace, but one which will create greater access to financial services for the consumer.

This includes clients utilising non-traditional banking options, such as Revolut.

This will also include the enhanced requirements on financial and lending institutions to comply.

The RegTech sub-branch of the industry will gain greater momentum in assuring that company officers and operations are abiding by correct behaviour, and that customers are protected.

My Stelfox colleagues who concentrate on the Irish market have also noticed an increase in relevant clients in this area.

Candidates are approaching us enquiring about career opportunities.

As consumers, as clients, as recruiters, we are all set to be part of the continuous expansion of Fintech, which is one area of tech now bringing traditional, physical methods into the modern financial sphere.

Growth of Germany.

Another trend I have seen is the growth of Germany’s importance in not only tech but throughout international business.

This is something that the tech and business scenes in both Ireland and the European markets will experience with the onset of Brexit.

Unique tech products such as InsurTech, FinTech and SpaceTech thrive in Germany.

It is a country of tech conferences, serial tech entrepreneurs and possesses a healthy networking scene.

With plans in Germany for a full 5G roll out on the horizon, it offers investment potential for all industries.[1]

It is an important time to build our relationships, to seek new opportunities in new markets and to keep our friendly relationship with employers, clients and contractors in Europe, the UK and beyond.

Denisa Pantilimon is an IT Recruitment Consultant – European Markets here at Stelfox. To find out more about how Denisa can help you find your dream job in Europe or grow your tech team email [email protected] or call our Berlin office on +49 30 887 899 37.

You can also start your journey by searching our live jobs here



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