Developer Trends for 2018

Did you know that over 80% of developers code as a hobby?

Based on a recent survey, almost 100,000 developers said that they work on code outside their work. But what does that actually mean? It tell us that developers really love what they do and that – even after spending a whole day coding – these dedicated professionals still go home and keep on coding as a hobby.

Since there is a wide array of programming languages, developers can actually choose which one they want to master and focus on following that path. Even though there seems to be a programming language for every taste, the same report presents Javascript as the most commonly used programming language, followed by Python. The latter is said to be the fastest-growing programming language in the world!

What about the top paying technologies for developers? Even though there is a regional variation in associating languages with the highest pay, the study reveals that developers working with F#, Ocaml, Clojure and Groovy, are the ones who claim to receive the highest salaries at a global scale (above $70,000). This allows you to understand that there is no relation between the top programming languages and the ones which actually allow professionals to earn more. How come? It’s simple! Notwithstanding the fact that the aforementioned languages are said to be the ones with the highest pay, those aren’t (until now) on the top priorities of developers when it comes to choosing a language they’d love to work with. But nothing is lost! Technology is continuously improving. In fact, there are always new programming languages, companies, and different jobs to explore. This means that all of this can change in the blink of an eye. Just make sure you don’t miss the next big thing and ensure you keep abreast of emerging technology.


How developers assess potential jobs

In general, 18.3% of developers say that compensation and benefits are their highest priority. If these are indeed the highest priority, it means that making sure that the salary and all the extras are adequate for what they’ll be doing, is simply crucial.

As technology-driven experts, they’ll only change jobs if the languages, frameworks, and other technologies that they’ll be working with are of interest to them. Nevertheless, competition is a hot topic. This means that even the most innovative companies need to offer outstanding opportunities for professional development.

However, is there any difference in assessing jobs between men and women? The answer? Yes! Men state that compensation and benefits are the most important feature when looking for a job while women say that the office environment or the company culture is what they’ll value more. The truth is that all developers are different so it’s easy to understand that different types of developers will have particular priorities when it comes to looking for a new position.

The biggest difference can be found when we’re trying to look at the needs of developers at a global scale. According to an updated report, the preferences on how developers should be compensated with salary and benefits are different according to the countries where they came from or happen to be currently working in. For example, in countries like the USA, benefits such as health insurance have a tremendous value, given to the fact that the citizens of the United States don’t have a national healthcare system.



What are the Top Developer Trends for 2018?

Bearing in mind the opinions of 100,000 developers from all over the world, what are the top trends that technology companies and leaders should be aware of? Check this list!

  • DevOps and Machine Learning. This is one of the top trends in the software industry. Given its growth, developers working in languages and frameworks associated with devops and machine learning are currently getting the highest salaries.
  • No unethical code. The majority of respondents stated they wouldn’t write any type of code that’s unethical.
  • Optimism about artificial intelligence offers. Developers are optimistic about the opportunities that AI can bring. Nonetheless, there doesn’t seem to be an agreement when it comes to the issue of the possible dangers of AI.
  • Python is the most popular programming language. It has surpassed C# and PHP.
  • Female developers are looking for company culture and opportunities. Nevertheless, men state that compensation and working with specific technologies are the highest priorities when looking for a job.

Developers have different needs and preferences which are always changing. Even so, as a Technology Recruitment expert, we believe it’s crucial to keep track of what’s happening and we advise our clients and candidates based on what’s currently happening in the tech market.


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