Embracing your Hybrid Work approach

Embracing the work/life balance, and reworking your environment has been a big topic in the last couple of months. Hybrid and semi-remote working options are central components of the modern working world, with businesses speedily adapting to what Computer Weekly describes as the ‘next normal’. 

Many of us are interested in working remotely, whether full or part-time and, what was once a benefit and advantage of your workday is now common practice in all industries.

Future of Work

The FT notes that ‘the future of work is hybrid’, this a key consideration in Recruitment when catering to the talent requirements of clients & the career objectives of candidates.

Digital Transformation

Flexible working options can be accommodated and rolled out quickly through Digital Transformation.

Professionalising your home workspace and boosting your remote working capacity was an ever-growing trend in 2019 and early 2020, particularly in tech, but the restrictions we have seen in travel and shared working spaces throughout the year have quickly accelerated its growth.


It is important to remember that the hybrid working model is not adaptable to all types of employees. When seeking that perfect role, you must keep this factor in mind. (The Economic Times – Panache)

In your job search, it is important to remember that certain operational roles will operate more efficiently where there is a physical interaction between team members.

This has been addressed in recent weeks by the rotation of employees in physical office spaces, but it is important to keep a close eye to Health and Safety advice and Government recommendations.


Rakheem Sabree suggests that you create a schedule, and stick to it whether working in the office (or from home). With a hybrid working approach, it is important to set out your goals and daily requirements, working to a set schedule.

There is a feeling of accomplishment by keeping to this schedule, and you will gain greater value from activities such as exercise when completing your workday on a hybrid /semi-remote basis.

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