FinTech, DeepTech, AI and Cybersecurity: Latest Technology News in Europe

We read the News so you don’t have to. Here are a few of the latest Fintech, DeepTech, AI and Cybersecurity recent news.
By Alicia Bock Grava – Senior Tech Recruiter – Stelfox International Division

Berlin-based financial services platform Finoa closes $22 million Series A round. The funding is earmarked to further build out the company’s products and services as well as up the headcount. Founded in 2018 by Christopher May and Henrik Gebbing, Finoa enables regulated institutional access to digital assets and blockchain-powered innovations. Click here for the full article

Is negotiation-as-a-service the next startup frontier? Pactum, a DeepTech negotiation software company founded in Estonia, has just announced a $11m Series A round — and plans to expand its Fortune 500 client base. Pactum’s rapid rise points to a new emerging enterprise software space, namely negotiation-as-a-service (NaaS). Click here for the full article

The challenge of the hybrid workplace for security teams. It is becoming clear that moving forward, many companies will adopt a hybrid workplace approach. Having supported employees working from home for the past year, with all the attendant cyber security risks of unmanaged devices, a fluid return to the office presents even more challenges for security teams. Click here for the full article

How Verge Genomics Uses AI To Tackle Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and ALS. Verge Genomics is taking a novel approach to speed drug discovery for devastating neurodegenerative diseases. Rather than spending exhaustive time with animal testing, the San Francisco-based company goes straight to the source. Click here for the full article

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