How Companies Benefit From Talent Trends

Talent trends are shaping today’s economy by helping us to understand what jobs are in demand right now, but also, which roles and skills will be the most popular ones in the future. Being aware of the current technologies talent trends allows companies to prepare for what’s about to come.

According to Cisco, the most significant roles for IT functions – like Data Engineer, Cyber/Information Security Engineer or Machine Learning Developer – ‘’will add more than 5M positions worldwide by 2027’’.

According to Neil Sullivan, retaining and attracting technology talent in a competitive market is a continuous challenge and remains a top priory for technology leaders and HR Managers. 90% of IT professionals working in technical roles want to work with the latest versions of the technology. Many of our best Clients are investing further to understand the future needs of technical staff and key to this understanding is being tuned into the innovation of their staffs chosen specialisation and making sure everything is being done to adopt the latest versions. This is vital to keeping technology employees engaged.

However, one of the biggest challenges is the pace at which technology is moving and advancing, complex enterprises can struggle to keep everyone happy and it can be commercially unsustainable to adopt the latest versions every time. Interestingly, Microsoft is a great example of a company that has evolved their products with open architecture. Who would have ever thought Windows and Linux would become such great friends! This makes it easier to integrate new applications no matter what tech stack they are built in.


Knowledge makes the difference

The key here is knowledge. If companies know what are the skills they’ll need in a few months or years, they can start developing a talent acquisition strategy, in order to hire specific professionals. As some of them will have the most required skills in the future, there will be numerous companies fighting for the same candidate(s). So, the sooner a strategy is in place, the better.


Setting up business objectives can be an advantage

Another great advantage that companies have is related to their business objectives and teams. Organisations that have set clear objectives, know exactly what they want to do, and which skills and technologies they’ll need, will clearly stand-out from the crowd.


Help your employees to improve their skill set

By knowing which path to go, companies only need to be sure their employees have the right skills to help them succeed. If their workers already have the desired skill set that will be even better. However, in case this doesn’t happen, organisations will need to provide training. This could be a win-win situation because, not only the company is developing a new technology, as it’s providing their employees with innovative skills that can be used later in other projects. Both the organisation and the employees will benefit from this, as innovation and learning are the keys to always perform better.

Although global talent trends change really fast, especially regarding tech roles, it’s crucial for companies to always be informed and try to be aware of what’s happening in the market. By having the right information, at the right time, organisations can know exactly what will be the next big thing in the technology industry.


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