How to Embrace Wellbeing in the Workplace

Did you know that 6 out of 10 employees say they’ll stay longer in companies that care about their wellbeing?

What does this actually mean? It’s simple. In the past few years, employees changed their mindset and started to pay more attention to company culture and to programs that actually allow them to feel valued and important.

Employers are aware of that and that’s the reason why the wellbeing of employees is becoming one of the most important concerns for companies all over the world. Organisations that wish to create a great place to work and to retain their employees know that they have to be focused on creating and developing a wellbeing program or initiatives that show their staff that their health and happiness are important to their employer.

According to the World Health Organisation, companies should offer a workplace that allows employees to feel good, but which is also able to promote their health and wellbeing. In the past year, Stelfox has adopted some strategies in order to offer our employees an environment that is focused on their mental and physical wellbeing. That makes this the perfect time to share some ideas that we consider to be great ways to move forward. These are initiatives that have actually helped us show to our staff that their wellbeing is important to all of us.

6 Ways to Embrace Wellbeing in the Workplace

Fresh Fruit: an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Yes, indeed! By adopting healthy eating habits you will make sure you are stronger and feel your best self at all times. By showing your employees that you care about their eating habits and their health, you’ll let them know you value them

Be creative with your communal areas: do you have an empty space or an unused area in your office? Great! That’s a clear opportunity to turn that empty space into a relaxing lounge or to create more meeting areas. The idea is to create a special place where your employees can meet, collaborate on a project, or even rest

Massage Sessions: a simple 15-minute massage can change everyone’s day. These sessions allow employees to relax and decompress for a bit, making sure that they’ll later return to their work fully energized

Flexitime: allowing your employees to manage their working time helps them balance their professional and personal life. This means you’ll give your employees the freedom to create their own schedule. This will ultimately help employees manage both their personal and professional life in a better – and healthier – way. Employees will then be able to not only focus on work but also on their family and friends. By having the time to fully enjoy their personal life, employees will be more galvanized to perform at a professional level

Standing desks: start by doing a trial session. Buy one or two and see how people react. After one month, ask your employees how they felt and whether or not that desk improved their standing position. By asking them and collecting their valuable input, you’ll be telling them that they have a key role when it comes to determining whether or not this will be an improvement for the company and themselves

Weekly Fitness Classes: if you offer one fitness class per week to your employees, they’ll be able to see that they are free to manage their time and work in order to be healthy. Even if it’s only one day or one hour a week, they’ll see that you care about them and actually provide them with the tools they need to be at their very best.

The Employee’s Wellbeing is the Company Wellbeing

By exploring some of these activities, you’ll be creating a workplace that offers several alternatives for your employees to stay both mentally and physically healthy. The wellbeing program and the activities that you’ll be working on will play a very important role when it comes to the health of your staff. These activities will have a positive effect on their lives, minimize the occurrences of illness, help to reduce absenteeism, and ensure employees have the energy they need to succeed!

Caring about the wellbeing of your employees, allows you to always show that you are concerned with their happiness. Remember that companies can see this as an investment. In fact, this is an investment with a remarkably positive outcome, since it will be beneficial for both the organisation and its employees.


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