Exclusive Interview with Adam Zegelin from Instaclustr



Stelfox is excited to be sponsoring the AWS User Group Dublin 2018 and to have the chance to meet such interesting companies, like Instaclustr, as well as open source technology experts.

Garry Barcoe, Senior Principal Consultant at Stelfox, had the chance to speak with Adam Zegelin, SVP Engineering & Co-Founder of Instaclustr and found out some interesting facts about technology, mentoring and trendy tech tools.

Interview with Adam Zegelin from Instaclustr

Adam Zegelin, SVO Engineering & Co-Founder of Instaclustr

1. If you were starting your career in technology now, knowing what you now do, what technologies would you want to be working with?

If I were starting today, I’d want to be working with two of the technologies that we found in our company: Apache Cassandra and Kafka. They’re still extremely relevant in the industry today. Apache Cassandra is a flexible language, it has a large user base and there’s always new policies all the time. So, in terms of the technologies being chosen, they have been quite beneficial to us, but of course there are certain things we would have changed.

2. Who has been the greatest influence in your career and why?

I think that it would probably be Ben, the other Co-Founder of Instaclustr. He used to be more focused on the success of this project. I was more focused on the tech side, whereas as he was the one always concentrated on customer focus. Of course we were a bit like ‘Ying and Yang’, however he has actually shown that with the right attitude you can make something quite successful.

3. What piece of technology have you started working with over the last 12 to 18 months that you now couldn’t do without?

I think Spark, which is another technology that we run as a managed services company. It is extremely useful and actually quite cool in the flexibility that offers as an analytics distributed completion engine. In terms of its capability, it’s very useful and we save a lot of uptake from our customers and they are quite happy with it as well.

Stelfox is proud to meet captivating companies like Instaclustr and we would like to thank Adam for sharing his broad knowledge of technology.


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