Life Sciences and Engineering

Life Sciences and Engineering

Life Sciences & EngineeringThe intersection between the technology and pharmaceutical sectors continues to grow through the rapid embracing of digital and collaborative technologies.Underlying industry forces are driving organisations to build agile operating models that support value-enabling partnerships, with an increasing shift from a product focus to an outcomes focus. Current industry trends point towards further integration of Healthcare, Life Sciences and IT with new disciplines such as medical technologies (medical devices and advanced diagnostics) connected health and nanotechnology.To fully realise the opportunities created through this disruption and evolution, organisations are seeking talent to fully optimise and deliver those outcomes. This is especially apparent in areas such as mathematical modelling, statistics and process analysis. Research suggests the demand for talent will continue to grow, especially in the areas of:
  • Software Development
  • Application Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Information Systems
  • Project Management
Stelfox brings a wealth of industry-based experience, knowledge and expertise to deliver business-critical talent. This ranges from sourcing C-suite talent to building out teams.
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