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Infrastructure Project Manager – Contract

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Infrastructure Project Manager – Daily Rate Contract

This position will work closely and take direction from a program manager, but will be expected to work independently in performing their responsibilities.   A person in this position will lead a cross-functional team in a matrix management environment to complete assigned projects and will be expected to manage multiple, concurrent projects.

The infrastructure project manager will lead projects that typically complete hardware (servers, laptops/desktops, mainframe) or software (application packages, databases, middleware, operating systems) upgrades, migrations, relocations, or patching.   Because of this, a person in this role should have a broad knowledge of infrastructure technologies and should have prior experience with these types of projects.

Additional requirements:  Great interpersonal skills, great executive communication skills, ability to work flexibly with project partners in different timezones.

Justification for the Position:

This additional project management position is necessary to support accomplishing the following:

  1. Upgrading mainframe tools and middleware systems to maintain technical support with the vendor
  2. Upgrading older versions of the computer software language COBOL to allow our legacy applications to continue to function correctly
  3. Upgrading the software that supports our Click to Chat capabilities for our policy holders to maintain currency and address security issues
  4. Upgrading the telephony software used by our call center agents to provide new capabilities and to maintain currency

The projects to be managed by the person in this position includes:

  • Mainframe Upgrades
  • Mainframe Application Currency – COBOL
  • KoFAX Renewal
  • Genesys Workspace Client Upgrade
  • Chat Upgrade

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If you are interested in this position please forward your CV to [email protected] or call Suzanne Brophy on 01-6793182 for a 

confidential chat.

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