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Job Titile: IT Engineer (11 month Fixed term contract)

Overview: A company in Ireland is seeking an IT Super User admin to join their Mitchelstown Head Office team. The responsibilities for this position encompass a wide range of IT tasks, including network device management, server maintenance, and troubleshooting. The IT Engineer will also be responsible for end-user hardware support, security and permissions, as well as coordination and feedback.

Server and Network Hardware:

  1. Network Device Management: Replace or install network devices based on guidance from the IT department.
  2. Reboot Network Devices: Perform reboots of network devices as required.
  3. Server Maintenance: Ensure servers are properly rebooted after software updates.
  4. Hardware Handling: Receive and store hardware on-site prior to IT department or contractor use.
  5. UPS and Air Conditioning: Serve as the contact point for IT department regarding UPS and air conditioning equipment.
  6. Device Status Monitoring: Regularly check and report on the status of server and network device lights.
  7. Photo Documentation: Capture and provide photos of hardware when requested.

End User Hardware:

  1. Hardware Procurement: Purchase IT hardware through approved channels.
  2. Photocopier Setup: Install and configure photocopiers.
  3. Workstation/Laptop Configuration: Set up workstations and laptops.
  4. Desk Hardware Installation: Install IT hardware on desks and manage cabling.
  5. Device Inventory Management: Maintain an inventory of IT devices.
  6. Printer Setup: Configure printer sharing and shortcuts.
  7. Video Conferencing: Set up and troubleshoot video conference setups.
  8. License Compliance: Ensure compliance with software licenses on standalone PCs.

Phone Systems (On-Premises or Cloud):

  1. Phone System Administration: Manage phone systems and configure features.
  2. User Account Handling: Administer user accounts for the phone system.
  3. Connections and Patching: Manage connections and patching for phone systems.

Mobile Phone Systems:

  1. Mobile Device Management: Order and organize mobile phones, including new devices and repairs.
  2. Device Enrollment: Re-enroll devices for mobile device management.
  3. Basic Troubleshooting: Assist with basic troubleshooting and PIN-related tasks.
  4. Wi-Fi Configuration: Provide Wi-Fi settings and configurations.
  5. ALMEX Device Support: Configure and distribute ALMEX devices.


  1. Fault Diagnosis: Collect fault information from end-users, both initial information and as requested by the IT department.
  2. ServiceNow Ticketing: Create and escalate ServiceNow tickets based on gathered information.
  3. Advanced Troubleshooting: Apply advanced IT knowledge to troubleshoot various components in problematic devices, such as network issues, workstation setup, power provisioning, and Wi-Fi problems.


  1. Downtime Scheduling: Coordinate and schedule service downtime under IT department guidance.
  2. Maintenance Team Coordination: Coordinate with maintenance teams for tasks requiring specific access.
  3. Contractor Interaction: Serve as the onsite contact for IT contractors.
  4. Access and Permissions: Issue permissions, passes, keys, and access tokens as needed.
  5. Logistics Management: Arrange accommodations, transportation, and facilitate communications for requests and bulletins.
  6. Power-related Issues: Act as the contact point for power-related issues involving IT and maintenance.
  7. Policy Advisory: Provide guidance to users regarding IT policies.

Security and Permissions:

  1. User and Mailbox Setup: Set up new user accounts and mailboxes.
  2. Permission Management: Manage user permissions using administrative tools.
  3. Permission Auditing: Regularly audit and verify permissions granted within administrative systems.
  4. Password Management: Handle password reset requests.
  5. Mailbox Access: Grant access to specific mailboxes.

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