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Senior Data Scientist – Brussels

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Machine Learning expert / Natural Language Processing (NLP) expert

Position Summary:
Our client who are a global technology company investing significantly in Data Science is seeking a senior data scientist/machine learning expert/natural language processing expert to extend a team in a project that requires Data Science, Machine Learning and NLP competences.

As the team’s data scientist and machine learning expert, you are able to deal with data (processing, cleaning, defining relevant features, etc) in order to make it ready for machine learning algorithms. You propose hypotheses and create machine learning models that create business value. You share your knowledge with the team and communicate your findings to management/business. You then implement these models into reproducible processes.
As a natural language expert, you help define the architecture of the new NLP system that is aimed at being able to handle natural language text and extract relevant knowledge from it. You are able to bring the defined architecture into reality.

• Scientific method
• Masters or Doctorate degree in a quantitative field (e.g., mathematics, computer science, physics, engineering, etc.) required.
• Experience in using the scientific method and empirical research to answer business questions. Formulates hypotheses, then designs experiments to collect the necessary data and/or explores existing data sets.
• Experience with Natural Language Processing. If that experience includes sentiment analysis that is a big plus.
• Can apply supervised and non supervised machine learning techniques such as clustering, SVM, Random Forests, deep neural networks, bayesian networks, hidden markov models, collaborative filtering, regression methods, etc.

What you need:

Data exploration and visualization
• Data cleaning and data wrangling tools are used to reshape the data.
• Creates and trains machine learning models to capture the knowledge learned and to transform it into product, service or process features. These models have good accuracy/recall/prediction values outside of the training set.
• Has 2+ years of experience of using supervised and unsupervised machine learning models on real-world problems. NLP experience also valued.
• The created models are implementable in the target product, and fit for purpose. S/he implements and integrates the model into the target product, or works closely with the team that does.

• Excellent Python development skills, including familiarity with pandas, scikit-learn, numpy, scipy, Jupyter notebooks and other components of Python ecosystem.
• Good R development skills
• Good knowledge of at least one of Java, C.

Our client is focussed on talent only and is open to both contract/freelance and permanent candidates.

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