Multimillion Investment, AI and GreenTech: The Latest Cork Technology News

We read the News so you don’t have to. Here are some of the latest Tech Investment, AI and GreenTech news in Cork of the past few days.
By Jason O’Donoghue – Senior Tech Recruiter – Stelfox Cork Office

Cork Harbour identified as the gateway to transformative change in Europe’s transition to renewable energy. Cork Harbour has the capacity to become an unparalleled hub for floating offshore wind energy in the Celtic Sea from 2025, presenting an opportunity for a new industrial sector to emerge in the region. Click here for the full article 

Here’s why the deep-tech scene in Ireland is thriving. Ireland is already home to multinational tech companies and startups that are focused on deep technology. This area of tech focuses on advances in areas like AI, robotics, and IoT. With increased investment and research on the horizon, Ireland is poised to become a deep tech powerhouse. Click here for the full article

Microchip to Invest $20M in a New Development Centre in Cork. The new facility will open during Q1 CY21 and create 60 new jobs over the next three years, and approximately 200 jobs within the next seven years. The creation of this centre will reinforce Microchip’s existing presence in Ireland and boost the pool of engineering talent across key skills. Click here for the full article

Multimillion-euro deal brings Cork company’s software to Scottish hospitals. The Cork-based healthcare software company, which is led by founder Noel O’Hanlon, said this is the first time that an agreement of this magnitude has been reached by the Scottish government with a technology provider on behalf of NHS Scotland. Click here for the full article

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