Lessons From The Rugby World Cup: Up Your Career Game

The entire Stelfox team is enthusiastically following Ireland’s progress in the Rugby World Cup.

It is a competition which brings together highly successful sportspeople, which continues to capture the imagination of the country. 

Sporting life brings high and low points and there is much we can learn from this.

Skilled players can become accustomed to succeeding & winning. But what happens in those circumstances where there is an obvious disappointment when losing against an opposing side? It all comes down to resilience.

Ireland’s initial disappointment in the game against Japan was counteracted by a resurgence on Thursday with the 35-0 win over Russia, and whilst the road to victory will require focus, the team are showing resilience. 

Like all of us, Ireland must up their game to ultimately succeed!

Their resilience and willingness to continue, and bounce back in the tournament is a lesson that we can all learn from and the Stelfox team can see a few ways it corresponds to the interview process. Particularly when a well-suited and highly-skilled candidate is disappointed in not getting a particular role. 


Recruitment: Resilience

Each of us has experienced an interview which we have all thought went well but regrettably may not have done so.

Like a Rugby team disappointed by a defeat, what can you do to improve yourself and your approach?

  • Use it constructively, build your character by seeing it as an opportunity rather than a failure.
  • Speak with a friend who can assess the situation objectively.
  • Recognise the qualities you have which made you an attractive candidate in the first place, keep these qualities in mind, and build on them.
  • Formulate a plan for winning the game, building on your strengths.
  • Send your interviewer an email, thanking them for their time – this will boost your morale and show that you are taking the high ground.
  • In a small country such as Ireland, a polite reputation is everything, this corresponds with rugby players shaking hands with their competitors at the end of a match, always impressive to see!


Perception: Positivity

  • You may be your own worst critic and perceive interview disappointment as being solely directed towards you.
  • The jobs market & playing field is full of equally-talented candidates; some will perform stronger on certain days, and the hiring team simply had to make a choice.
  • Recognise that your opponents are worthy ones, their success has come now and you are in a market where you will be quickly rewarded too!
  • Keeping a positive outlook will boost your chances at the next interview.

Stelfox aims to fit candidates with teams which they will be able to transition into with ease, and who will support you.

Perhaps it was not the right fit on a particular day, and maybe the playing conditions were slightly against you – but this will be better the next time!

If you think of the jobs market as a tournament, and you are progressing towards the quarter-finals en route to final victory.

Use your best abilities and gain confidence in your skills; whilst retaining strength at times of disappointment.

Search our live IT jobs here and take a positive step in your career. 


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