Living In Cork: 6 Reasons To Relocate

So you’re thinking of moving back to Cork or relocating to Ireland’s burgeoning tech city. Read our top six reasons on why Living in Cork is the thing to do:

#1 The Rebel Returns: Living In Cork

At this time of continued inward direct investment, steady increases in Software & IT and start-up support possibilities, living in Cork continues to offer opportunities to the technology workforce.

Cork City and County, a centre of ‘tech heritage’ (Silicon Republic) produces a range of highly skilled & tailored IT graduates, many of whom have grown their careers abroad and now want to share their expertise. Furthermore, the region offers variety to those moving to Cork from far-flung locations, which brings their expertise and innovation homeware bound.

#2 A Familiar City With A Changing Face

Corkonians are bringing their IT careers back to Ireland’s digital capital. (Irish Examiner)

Life in Cork is one that recognises & thrives on the work-life balance. It offers shorter commutes and a welcoming environment for entrepreneurs & team players. Its prominence in Tech offers an opportunity to come home, to share skills honed abroad and to become part of the growing success story.

As the city welcomes a cluster of high-tech businesses (both international and domestic), it is the time for many internationally located Cork graduates to make this pivotal move. For others, it simply includes an opportunity to work in Cork, their home setting – with personal and professional goals fulfilled and catered to.

#3 – Tech Companies Cork: A Community Feel

Whether it is an individual establishing their footing as a business owner, or those looking for IT jobs in Cork. The region boasts a thriving range of companies, a positive networking environment, a growth area of like-minded colleagues & rapidly developing co-working spaces.

With its wide range of tech operations, candidates can access a competitive, market-rate salary where they can gain an advantage by the relative savings of living in Cork.

This town of established industry clusters is reliable and embracing, which is important for those seeking permanent resettlement, where family life and schooling considerations are in mind.

#4 – Diverse Location: Life in Cork

The growing transport network and future expansion plans are deciding factors when looking for jobs in Cork.  It also includes tech offerings spanning rural & more central parts of the City and County, and the new Dockland developments extending directly out from the traditional centre of the South Mall. There is a tangible assurance of security in the sector by moving to Cork and the possibility of basing yourself throughout diverse and remote points.

 #5 – IT Jobs Cork: A Cosmopolitan Town

Cork’s affordability concerning its close competitors attracts investment, leading to a firm base for employment in the region. The City and County feel more diverse and inclusive, and wide expansion has encouraged workers of all ages to not only stay but also to return.

Cork is thriving and offers an engaging feel. The tech sector has recognised this blend of closely located urban & rural residential and excursion options; which will aid its workers in their evening and weekend leisure activities, further enticing a tech professional to work in Cork.  

#6 – Cultural Life In Cork

Cork continues to offer an ever-adapting tech culture; most notably with early recognition of the electronics sector, a strong alliance with International partners which has turned the region into a European hub for some of the world’s most recognisable technology companies.

There is a reason why such investment has been placed here, assuring a comfort zone for investors, or an individual wishing to work in Cork.

It is a hub of ever developing job creation with a wealth of product and service offerings, a place captivated by technology who looks forward to welcoming its own back as part of a multicultural generation of Corkonians. Living in Cork has never been such an attractive prospect, and now is the time to find out more about what can be achieved.

Living In Cork:

  • Tech heritage, as far back as the 1980s
  • Tailored third level options in the IT / Tech sector
  • Networking opportunities
  • Like-minded Social network
  • Tech Employment throughout the County
  • Public Transport redevelopment
  • New Dockland developments expanding out from South Mall (Traditional CBD)
  • Competitive salaries
  • Wide range of companies
  • Established industry clusters
  • Hub of job creation
  • Welcoming place for homecoming
  • Multicultural community

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