NCI Computing Project Showcase 2014

Excited to see what the new tech grads of NCI (National College of Ireland) have to offer, some members of the Stelfox team set out to the IFSC.

The walk down in the sun had us in great spirits by the time arrived. From the second we walked in the atmosphere was really upbeat, we were greeted by a number of NCI staff who brought us straight through to the awards ceremony, where we were lucky enough to catch guest speaker Annrai O’Toole from Workday. Annrai was a great addition to the ceremony, his talk was interesting and light-hearted, giving a quick intro to his history in the tech world, and encouraging students to look into masters degrees. He stated that technology is “forcing its way into the consumer’s world” and will eventually go on to “transform other parts of society”. And if the work of the tech grads of NCI is anything to go by Annrai hit the nail on the head!! (You can catch some of Annrai’s talk in the video down below-definitely worth the look!)

With a wide range of designs sweeping across a huge variety of areas, from health to transport, gaming to study chat lines, the students provided a high standard of projects, solving day to day issues!
Although we were really excited by a lot of the student’s projects there are always a few that stand out, and for us, it was Rapid Refund Mobile by Katie O’Donohoe. Katie’s app allows bus users who overpay on their ticket (we’ve all been there) to transfer the change onto to their leap card. This is done simply by entering the receipt code into the app. Katie’s idea caught our attention immediately, the problem is relatable something we encounter day to day. But Katie followed up a good idea with all the right trimmings, she had an eye-catching poster, business cards in the design of bus receipts and a comments book for people to write down their thoughts on her project.

NCI pride themselves on listening to industry and tailoring their courses to meet tomorrow’s demands. Something that every college aims to do and NCI had achieved. It was encouraging to speak to the students yesterday and see their vision for the future, all with unique and creative ideas. True entrepreneurship at its best!

Industry wants students who have a fundamental technology base coupled with a specialisation. Students want the flexibility of part-time and full-time courses without compromising on the quality of the programme. The students we met are graduates in specialisations in Gaming and Multimedia Design, Networking and Mobile Technologies, Software Systems, Cloud Computing, Business Information Systems and Technology Management. Many of these students are at a crossroad in their life and are unsure if they should take a leap into the market or pursue their academic career with masters. There is no one size fits all so students please do not be alarmed, you will be a success whatever path you take. It is okay not to know exactly what you want and the college will be there for you now and while you are in the workforce.

The employment conversion rate is outstanding from NCI and a credit to all involved. You are all the master of your own destiny and success requires constant and never-ending improvement. This is the reality of a career in the technology sector. From all in Stelfox please enjoy the ride and remember we are here to walk the path with you.

Written by Neil Sullivan, Contract and Consulting Director 


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