Phil Carr: Stelfox’s New Chief Operations Officer

The entire Stelfox team is delighted to officially announce that Phil Carr has been named our new Chief Operations Officer.

Phil Carr brings a wealth of experience and passion for all things recruitment to the table and he has set his sights on bringing Stelfox to the next level. At the heart of his approach to recruitment is improving the lives of candidates, clients and employees by developing the business environment through operations at every touchpoint.  

Phil Carr: Over 20 Years Of Experience In Recruitment.

With over 20 years of experience in recruitment, business and leadership throughout Ireland, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia, Phil is the absolute best person for the job as Stelfox CEO Lorraine Fitzpatrick explains,

“We are proud to announce the appointment of Phil Carr as Chief Operations Officer and board member. Phil’s exceptional skills and expertise will be pivotal in helping Stelfox continue to build our reputation for operational excellence and expanding into new geographical locations.”

Joining Stelfox.

A strong advocate for the redefinition of what work is, Phil is looking to the future to ensure Stelfox becomes a world leader in recruitment. On his appointment as COO, Phil said,

“I’m delighted to be part of the Stelfox team, it really does have a great reputation and a super network of high-quality clients and candidates. After being outside Ireland for the past number of years in some very aggressive and fast-paced markets, I’m excited to be back in Dublin and to see what new perspective I can bring to our business. There is some amazing talent here and great energy around the country. The IT/Tech industry is solid and an exciting space to be in.”

“It’s a pleasure to be working with such a strong well of talent. Our team has an incredible amount of industry knowledge, experience and qualifications and you can see that coming through in our service. Our clients and candidates genuinely value this.”

Phil Carr Stelfox COO.

IT Recruitment In Europe And Beyond.

The motto of Stelfox is ‘realising unlimited potential’ and while that is at the centre of everything we do, there is always room to improve and grow. This is a primary goal of Phil’s for the upcoming months as he said,

 “Our focus now going forward will be to further improve and develop our strong service delivery. Look at technology-led operational improvements that we can bring into our business. Also, a huge part of our business going forward will be to substantially grow and solidify our already successful international division, which is seeing great results and, more so, the huge potential across several countries in mainland Europe.”

Supporting The Stelfox Team.

Following a conversation with each team member, it became clear to Phil that the Stelfox consultants place a real value on a good work/life balance. One of Phil’s first actions was to shorten the working week and allow every team member to leave early on a Friday to spend more time with their families or do whatever makes them happy.

We celebrated this new incentive on Friday evening with a few drinks before getting started on the weekend in the best possible way.

Also pictured below: A huge congratulations to Jennifer Agbele on passing her probation as Junior HR/Office Administrator and Andrea Appignani on his promotion to IT Recruitment Manager – European Markets.  

Stelfox IT Recruitment Appoints Phil Carr as COO 1

Stelfox IT Recruitment Appoints Phil Carr as COO 2

Stelfox IT Recruitment Appoints Phil Carr as COO 3


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