Your Weekend Plan: Re-energising, Networking and being Mindful

As we approach the weekend, it is a time for us all to relax and reflect. It is also a time to think about our accomplishments, talents and technical skills.

There is renewed confidence in the market, and this weekend offers not only the perfect time to chill out, but a chance to look for your next step.

Re-energising: Returning to the Workplace

In the next few weeks, many of us are getting back to a bit of normality in our workplaces. It offers a chance for a revitalised approach and to re-energise ourselves for this return, thinking about what our favourite tasks are, and how they can be done more effectively.

You should approach this weekend, and indeed your future working weeks with this enthusiastic spirit. It will build confidence amongst teams and showcase the value of your personal brand.


Your decision-making capabilities will improve with increased efforts in mindfulness. This can be done by starting to practice Yoga, looking for HIIT Workouts on Youtube or as the pictures shows, returning to cycling and taking in the beauty of your locality. Introducing something different into your routine will lead to creativity, this is of particular use in the tech industry when developing the most innovative app, software and technical designs.

And in Ireland, as of Monday 8th June increased access will once again be provided to organised sporting options (for organised groups of up to 15 people), and up to 6 people in indoor/outdoor venues (all whilst maintaining proper Social Distancing routines).

In line with the changing nature of current events in 2020, this paragraph specifically relates to the announcement of the Irish Government in the afternoon of 5th June 2020.

This will have a positive, knock-on effect on your mindfulness and your productivity (which will aid you in your workplace and your job application approach).

Relax Whilst Boosting Your CV

Our piece yesterday about having a top-notch version of your CV with you on your device is also linked to mindfulness and re-energising. In your downtime over a weekend, it is the perfect time to start from scratch and to write down what you see as your greatest (and most relevant) talents, skills and accomplishments.

It is a good opportunity to reflect on this, to tailor your CV to the most exciting roles out there

Can Mindfulness Offer Networking Opportunities?

As far back as 2014, The New York Times was reporting that networking was taking place at Meditation Classes, and in some ways, it can make complete sense. Like-minded individuals with the same mindful pastimes may very well have a lot to talk about.

And in the very early part of March 2020, before much of the country began Remote Working, some of our Stelfox team in Cork took part in a ‘Netwalking’ event – as part of Ireland’s Local Enterprise Week, a blend of networking, exercising and sightseeing. In the next few weeks, as social restrictions are gradually lifted, maybe this type of approach could be of value in bringing you back to an exercise and mindfulness routine, whilst establishing new connections in your industry!

It is all in the mindset (and the healthy approach to work and lifestyle options), and it will help you on your career journey.

So get in contact with the Stelfox team to discuss our exciting roles from our diverse range of clients, where we can guide you on your journey and place you in that perfect, mindful role.

Call us at +353 1 679 3182 / +353 21 427 3668, or vist us through and our Stelfox LinkedIn community.


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