Relocating – Getting Your New Life in Ireland Started

Relocating to a new country can be a bit over whelming for anyone. So many questions… How do I find affordable housing? How can I set up my bank account? Where are the good schools in the area? Where can I find a nice pint of Guinness?….All of these questions and more may cross your mind. Here we have some tips and info that might help to ease your mind and answer some of your questions about your move to the beautiful emerald isle!

So first things first, you’ve accepted your dream job in Ireland, you’re due to move over a week or two in advance of your start date…

Accommodation! No.1 on our list of unanswered questions.
Rent prices can range anywhere from €300 – €2500 approx. depending on what County and what area you are living. Rent prices in Dublin can vary depending on where you live or how close you are to public Transport. The average price to rent a two bedroom apartment can range from €1200 up to €2000 per month depending on location, size, etc. For a one bedroom apartment it usually ranges from €800 to €1300 per month.

Check these websites out for a more in-depth info on rent prices and availability all over Ireland: | ||

In relation to renting, once you have found a suitable place, you will need to put down a deposit (equivalent to one month’s rent along with the one month rent). You will get the deposit amount back if you decide to move to a new location.

How do I get started at work? Tax in Ireland?
When working in Ireland you will need a PPS number, this is similar to a social security number. PPS number is your Personal Public Service number. It is a unique number just for you, it helps you access social welfare services, public services and information in Ireland. It is important for your employer to have your PPS number to sort your tax correctly. (You will also need a PPS number to open bank account)
To get your PPS number you need three things:

  • Passport
  • Proof of Address
  • Proof of Employment

It is best if your employer can post your proof of employment to your house and that will cover you for both proof of address and proof of employment. (Alternatively a bill that is in your name)

When you have all three items you must bring them to your local Social Welfare Office. There always tends to be big queues in social welfare office so allow yourself the time. You only have to do this once!! You can get your PPS number the next day over the phone!

What will my Net salary be per month / year after tax?

Well, you can find all details here on these two websites Revenue and Citizens Information. But you can also download our “Relocating to Ireland” guide which has a more detailed basic salary guide and also more detailed information on the exact process of getting your PPS!!

Banking: How do I set up my bank account?

When you are relocating to work in Ireland setting up an Irish bank account is very important, most employers will pay you by direct debit into your account. Setting up a bank account is very simple and there are a variety of banks you can choose from, so take you time and look around to find a bank that suits you!
PLEASE NOTE: You need your PPS number, Passport and Proof of Address to open a bank account.

You can see a list of banks here:

  • Bank of Ireland (BOI) – both Current & Deposit accounts –
  • Allied Irish Bank (AIB) – both Current & Deposit accounts –
  • Permanent TSB – both Current & Deposit accounts –
  • Ulster Bank – both Current & Deposit accounts –
  • KBC Bank – Saving / Deposit account only –

Getting around?
You can take a look at these links for the best ways to get from A to B in Dublin and other counties in Ireland! Luas | DART | Dublin Bus | Bus Eireann

Ireland has a very high standard education system! You can find a list of schools all around Ireland here.

Cost of Living?
When changing countries the cost of living will be a question on your mind, you can find a rough guide here of what it would cost to live in Ireland!

Download the Stelfox Guide to “Relocating in Ireland” for lots more info!!


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