Restarting Your Work Week After Lockdown

How will I prepare for returning to an office? Can I restart with a blended work week, bringing the best of flexitime and remote working? These are just some of the questions that our Stelfox team has received over the weeks of lockdown, and with our network starting to return to life in the new normal, we are going to share some notable factors that you may notice in your working life.

The Commuting Factor

Commuting will look and feel different for the time being, and it is time to prepare for new health and safety requirements. Masks, gloves, hand sanitiser and other types of PPE will now be the norm for everyone. Follow the HSE news for the latest commuting and car-sharing guidelines.

The Home Working Factor

Have you been more productive in your home space? Maybe this is the time to perfect and invest in your ‘working from home’ work suite, it will give that professional edge to remote working into the future. Hopefully you can organise a work area, away from noise and distractions, where you can be as productive as in the office. This Irish & UK-based company has created a nifty “build-your-own” desk that can be installed anywhere in the house.

The Face-to-Face Factor

You may notice that productivity will increase when interacting with face-to-face with colleagues in physical workplaces, but make sure to bring the best of your experience spent working remotely, and combine both sets of experience in this new approach. There are now many free apps and softwares you can use to stay in touch via video and maintain a connection with your team during the workday.

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