Returning to working life post-Lockdown

The past couple of weeks have seen our workplace and working habits change, but this will not be forever. As we await step-by-step reopening of physical businesses, there are several future steps we should keep in mind, one of the most important is working life after Lockdown.

In order to be business-ready on return to the traditional workplace, you should set out your strategic approach in advance. Here are a few key aspects to be aware of:

Be prepared to return back to your traditional wake-up time

In a working day without a commute, many people are waking later whilst still arriving in the workplace ‘on time’. This can impact your mindset and long-term sleeping patterns. Try to revert back to your original waking hours and use this additional time to do something productive.

Be fit and active

Workers fortunate enough to be returning to positions will play a crucial role in restarting the economy and it is your opportunity to shine, so be ready in mind and body!

Be aware that it will be different

Parts of your physical workplace will look and operate differently, this may include distancing measures being introduced in offices and a change in the landscape of cities and nearby premises.

Be embracing of colleagues

It will be necessary to embrace colleagues, particularly those who have moved part-time, or fully to the remote work movement. It is a critical future skill to learn. The marketplace in the not-too-distant future may consist of significantly increased levels of remote working.

Be mindful of how you communicate

It is important to prepare for a different way of expressing yourself and to be empathetic towards those around you, with a greater awareness of the words you use. Keep in mind the personal experiences of others during the Lockdown.

Further commentary on the area is available at on this Bloomberg article where Barbara Larson of Northeastern University discusses an anticipated 10% increase in employees transferring full-time to remote positions after lockdown.

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