Sarah Cummins – Trends For a Better Workplace

Sarah Cummins has recently been promoted to Senior Recruitment Consultant at Stelfox IT Recruitment. Along with our entire team, Sarah has been a champion for promoting women in tech and overall wellness of the workplace.

Here are some of the key points in trending topics that Sarah Cummins has recently been researching. Keep reading to learn more about what’s happening in tech workplaces.

Sarah Cummins On Workplace Diversity.

A new decade brings a new era for workplace diversity. In terms of team development, open and engaging employees are highly sought after. Being honest about what makes you unique can aid a team in becoming fully integrated and stress-free.

In what is becoming a results-driven industry, more-open individuals working in accepting companies have been seen to perform better in their tasks and also enrich an organisation’s culture.

By including and encouraging diversity, your employer creates an active and vocal space where individuality reigns supreme within a supportive and productive team environment.

Gender Equality In Tech.

As a recruiter, I am passionate about placing tech candidates like you with eager employers who will greatly value your inclusion. However, while male and female candidates can possess equal qualifications females are often treated differently.

There are incidents where women in tech have been undervalued and men are promoted simply due to gender. It’s well documented that females in IT are often not given the career progression opportunities that their male counterparts are.

Along with many other industries, tech is lacking in gender equality.

As a community, we must all change this and I am pleased to see the upward trend in many organisations valuing new applicants and promoting experienced members of staff without bias.

Different forms of encouragement can also take place by promoting STEM (or STEAM) options and the provision of IT work placements to females in the education system.

It is of fundamental importance that colleagues of women in tech, and indeed if you are a female tech professional, that equality occurs and that this trend extends into 2020 and beyond.

Female professional contributions must be given a platform and the chance to achieve success, whilst not necessarily highlighting a gender difference with this process.

This can include candidates of all backgrounds and genders, however, it is most certainly encouraging to see the support shown to female applicants within the industry.

Having been underrepresented for a significant period, the voice of women in tech is gaining momentum. I have confidence in the tech community contributing towards a supportive network which can include all genders, although significant change is required to achieve a level playing field.

Trends in tech workplaces with Sarah Cummins

Women Leading Tech.

Certainly, within Ireland, we have seen some progress in terms of women leading tech companies. This has been a fantastic and progressive step in the path towards full workplace inclusivity.

High-profile female leaders direct the operations of more IT companies and the tech requirements of multiple businesses. Indeed in Ireland, one of our leading telecommunication and media companies is led by a female CEO.

Companies continue to make strategic efforts in including the voice of female candidates in positions of leadership and they are starting to deliver results.

To ensure that women will continue to lead tech efforts, both now and in the future, several tailored networking groups and conferences have emerged in Ireland including;

Mentorship for women is a pivotal element to success in these networking groups.

Scholarships are available for you and your network, concentrated on females seeking training options in areas such as coding.

Wellness In Tech.

The issue of workplace wellness has seen a lot of attention lately. Encouraging workplace wellness is becoming an essential working condition for many potential employees.

One particular trend emerging that relates to wellness is distance and remote-working options. It becoming necessary to extend to workers alternative options to working in the office every day for the same set times.

This is a consideration that particularly impacts upon IT creators located in non-urban locations.

The ‘lived experience’ of remotely-located workers, may differ to the image they are portraying and the quality of working they are submitting.

The concept of the ‘lived experience’ extends from assessing the types of facilities they are working from and in some cases requiring that they occasionally commute to communicate with a like-minded team.

It is necessary to achieve an accurate representation of the work hours they are undertaking.

By providing supportive structures to colleagues and peers in their emotional and physical wellbeing, an employer will be able to reap the productive and financial rewards of such practices.

It’s been shown that with incentives like this, workers will be more enthusiastic, can feel recognised and will be more engaged in the workplace.

The enhancement of the wellness trend is of benefit to us all.

I hope you enjoyed reading the trends I see as changing IT in 2020!

To chat about your options for working in tech or to discuss bringing more diversity to your team, call Sarah Cummins on +353 1 679 3182 or email [email protected]

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