Skibbereen: West Cork’s Tech Hub.

Skibbereen in West Cork, Ireland is a shining example of how the tech industry here is evolving in response to the needs of the modern worker. Many people want a quiet, country life but don’t want to compromise on their careers. This can normally mean expensive, city living. Hubs with super-fast broadband are popping up all over Ireland and we take a look at just what this means for working in tech here and the benefits they can bring for your career development.

Skibbereen is a town near the South Coast of Ireland. Its blend of agriculture, arts, food produce and commerce has created something of a nucleus, with the town located just over 80 km from Cork City.

Pioneering efforts such as Ludgate Hub, offering co-working space with super-fast broadband, have given the area a tech edge, with continued investment and expansion gravitating its way to the dynamic market town.


With the presence of highly respected technology industry players, the town has gone through a renaissance blending traditional, contemporary and tech.

Digital innovation is not a new concept to Skibbereen, with one its native sons, Percy Ludgate being an unsung hero in initial mechanical developments. His efforts at designing a calculating engine went unrecognised in his lifetime, but modern researchers have now heralded his innovation as a pioneer in later computer developments. Locally, the town has named its high-powered broadband, mobile working space in his honour. The decision of many I.T.-focused organisations to settle in the area seems likes a natural homecoming, and a celebration of his efforts.

Recent support and continued investment for I.T./tech in West Cork have excited the team at Stelfox, Cork with Ludgate leading the way for digital solutions and growth in one of the most scenic parts of Ireland’s largest county.

Relying upon the wider tech ecosystem in Cork, a city & county of undeniable tech heritage, alternative location options have offered digital ‘Corkonians’ the blend of idyllic rural life and high-quality communication links.

This comes in the context of AIB’s recent supportive renewal of sponsorship of Ludgate Hub in Skibbereen, itself said to contribute €4.2 million to the wider economy, which has created up to 54 direct jobs. (Southern Star)[1]

Their diverse range of companies includes software & web developers, digital marketing, wireless technology business productivity solutions, aviation leasing, the creative industry, travel & tech and cybersecurity amongst a very impressive community of interrelated and supportive stakeholders of I.T. and tech.


Culture & Sport In Tech West Cork.

Skibbereen is not just West Cork’s beacon of tech growth, it is a thriving rural town of culinary, sporting and cultural traditions. It offers the tech community a chance to embrace a work/life balance, to access cheaper property rates and to contribute to a local and supportive community.

Ireland’s first-gigabit town has harnessed the ingenuity and attraction of rural Ireland and adapted it to enthusiastic technology players. (Vodafone)[2]

This has attracted the type of investment normally preserved for Ireland’s cities. These impressive efforts connect the startup and small business community with urban-level communications resources. Therefore, with links to the transport network, and much more accessible property options, Skibbereen has truly taken off in this sphere.

With the seaside haven of Baltimore a short drive away, leading onto the rugged coastline of West Cork – Skibbereen has a unique combination of qualities to attract long-term residents. Indeed those investing in holiday homes in this idyllic location can access such connectivity if on a long-term stay.

Ad-hoc supporters of the town’s communications structure include visiting members of the international media and collaborations from globally-identifiable businesses.

It is a true cultural centre invested in crafts, local entrepreneurial life and education. Hosting the only sub-branch of the Cork College of Commerce, Skibbereen is recognised countywide as a focal point for business and community, which interacts well with Cork City, but retains its own identity.

Adapting Tradition To Tech.

Celebrating its status as a thriving market town, with surrounding agricultural impressive steps have been taken to support the AgriTech branch of industry, and for a networking community of its own to exist in Skibbereen.

The annual AGRI-TECH DAY at Ludgate Hub explores topics such as implementing modern technologies in the farming processes and utilising tech for marketing and distribution precision.

Skibbereen: An Industry Gateway.

Skibbereen is a true gateway to tech in West Cork and stands as a worthy prototype for Stelfox Cork and its clients to consider alternative forms of co-working spaces.

The fact that knowledge transfer, exchange and digital strategy enhancement can flourish in any technologically well-connected area has showcased the value of expansion throughout Ireland’s rural towns.

Skibbereen, which awaits a second Ludgate site is a prime example of regional development in Cork, which the Cork team at Stelfox celebrates for I.T./tech growth and the introduction of new and exciting industries.


To find out what jobs Stelfox has to offer, search here or call our Cork office on +353 21 427 3668. 


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