On the European Market: Adapting & Innovating

Our Stelfox international presence has remained steady throughout recent Global developments. We have been keeping a close eye on the European & World tech markets, what is trending, where gains are being made and where the tech industry is innovating.

For today’s insight, we are visiting Brussels, nearby Antwerp and Berlin, European cities where we have made connections and grown. We will check out Business news, events and investments that are building market confidence in these exciting locations.

Reliable Information Access

Taking modern health, safety and reliability requirements into account, the Brussels-based Bsit Technologies has seen the potential for growth in acquiring Karamel, based out of Paris.

The deal, which aims to provide seamless connections between different types of (and organisers) of activities links into a trend of digitising the booking and organising of these services, moving parts of community interaction online to a safer space.

How exciting to see two European operations uniting and complementing each other’s services!


Tech and the Supply Chain

Arkieva, based out of Delaware but with a presence in Antwerp has rolled out its forecasting and ROI technology this week. Trading with some very well-known household names, this innovative new approach allows for historical Supply Chain Data to be entered, which then responds with up-to-date Market Forecasts.

In a time when well-run Supply Chains are at their most critical, this type of technology has significant potential for growth and industry use.



Tech Events

Tech news is beaming out of Berlin this week, with the new that the IFA tech expo is set to take place in September, this time in a hybrid physical and digital format.

The Special Edition of what was is normally the world’s largest tech expo (by physical visitor numbers) will take on a digital delivery this year, creating a safe networking space for decision-makers from as far afield as AI and Big Data, Infrastructure and Automation.


Tech Growth

This type of event shows the influence Berlin has on the European and International markets, offering a solid, healthy and adaptable ecosystem.  It is the type of environment that no doubt is of great help to companies such as the Berlin-based startup everyphone whose cost-efficient offering of smartphone and tablets to diverse organisations have been warmly received,  and reduces costs!

This is a necessity when high spec digitization is a firm requirement in all organisations.


The European and International market for tech is varied taking in every type of conceivable product and market. We are proud to be part of it and can’t wait to share our next set of insights.

Image: pexels


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