Stelfox Insight: Digital Life in 5 Cities

This week Stelfox Insight is visiting 5 cities, but with a bit of a change. We will cover 5 organisations with unique ways of adapting to changes in technology and modern working. Each organisation is embracing and researching these options and new forms of Digital Life.

San Francisco

Staff at the Mobile Payments company Square have been told that remote-working policies will continue after the current period. This is a strategy shared with Twitter, with both firms led by CEO Jack Dorsey. The company sees the lockdown period as having led to an appreciation of the value created by those employees able to work and produce remotely, as opposed to being on-site.


Deutsche Bank, at its annual shareholder meeting, signalled that its future plans will include further encouragement of employees working with greater flexibility. They have noted that if up to 60% of employees can adapt to this, and if they achieve continued success delivering client services remotely, that it may constitute a better allocation of resources in comparison to inhabiting prime urban real estate.


The DevOps platform supplier GitLab is enhancing its presence in Singapore, with an aim for greater expansion in Southeast Asia. This is coming at a time when companies are making increased investments into digital transformation, with GitLab itself boasting an all-remote workforce. They are joining an ecosystem in Singapore which is highly adaptable to the flexible working approach, with super fast internet connections and a hive of co-working spaces, leading to greater productivity and creativity.


Blink (based in London) has raised €7.4 million for its remote working-focused app which aims to provide a centralised information bank for team members, where crucial organisational resources can be readily accessed and workforces instantly connected. Examples of its innovation in connectivity include remote access services for digital payslips, rosters and feedback forms, which can be powered by digital solutions.

Blink has grown significantly in 2020 and is a popular resource amongst Frontline organisations who may not be able to have their employees working remotely or behind a desk. The remote working approach cannot apply to everybody, but in key roles requiring a physical presence remote elements (such as apps) can improve certain processes.


Before we conclude, here is a quick insight into remote work research taking place in our fifth city, Melbourne. Coslor & Hyatt from The University of Melbourne observe that formalisation must take place to retain the ‘good’ aspects of workforces moving remotely throughout the COVID-19 crisis. They have also noted that this sudden change in workplace operations has delivered unexpected results, such as startup teams based between Melbourne and Sydney operating and working better together since moving remotely.

Conclusion: So we can see that Remote Working and introducing greater Digital Solutions in cities & countries is here to stay, particularly in organisations and workforces that can easily adapt to it. It is an area that will work for some, and is certainly suited to tech. But as we can see in organisations requiring a physical presence some of the workplace traditions we are used to will remain.

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