Stelfox: Our Experience Of Remote Working

At Stelfox, many of our clients have excelled in providing remote workplace options, and it is not as much to adapt to the current trend. They have always recruited and hired remotely, and have grown and thrived on flexible working hours, remote access and the building of trust between dispersed colleagues.

What can we learn from the approach these companies take? Here are a few standout parts of the remote working experience.

  • Accessible Expertise

Companies that have always worked remotely report that expertise can be rapidly gathered from their teams in all locations, that information is more accessible and that clients can continually access the skills of top talent.

  • Service Offerings Can Improve

Clients and Customers know that by service offerings being more accessible, it can build assurance and brand loyalty.

  • Daily Performance

It is necessary to properly allocate timings, where possible and be mindful of the people around you when families and housemates may be working in close proximity.

  • Social Aspects: Remote Working

Make an effort to socialise (remotely for the time being), in the future you should prioritise meet-ups of dispersed teams.

Our clients who have always worked remotely have highlighted the importance of regular social events.

  • Team Building Works Remotely

The past few weeks have seen the growth of virtual team-building sessions and online networking events. At Stelfox we even had a remote table quiz!

We have picked up tips from our remote-based clients, who have thrived on these communication solutions long before the world moved remotely.

  • Time Zones and Schedules

Be aware that a dispersed work community will work better at different times, and ensure that all staff members have access to this.

You will gain the benefits of accessing the best expertise from your colleagues!

  • Health and Wellbeing

Set aside time for regular exercise, this can even be part of your workday.  Our network has reported that productivity increased with a relaxed, energetic mindset.

Our weekly Stelfit class here at Stelfox has temporarily gone remote, we encourage our team to get out and keep active.

  • Remote Work: Creativity

Take this as an opportunity to be creative, in our industry jobs such as Software Developers and UX/UI designers have always thrived working autonomously, whilst still being included and engaged with the team!

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