The Week in Tech Headlines

This week’s Tech Headlines look at the interaction of tech with modern working requirements, 3D Design and the environment. We will highlight some recent developments in these exciting parts of the market.

Here are a few of the trending tech stories that have captured our eyes here at Stelfox HQ, showing tech innovation and very simple improvements to working environments when the ‘IT Factor’ is included.

Post-Lockdown Green Recovery

In the world that will follow on from the economic and market uncertainty of March 2020, organisations such as Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Ventures have taken steps to invest in green technologies, from areas as far afield as carbon capture, hydrogen and next-generation batteries.

The FT has indicated that Green Recovery goals are promising future investments, and that tech will play a role in powering products & services.

This is also evident in the area of EnviroTech, as discussed below.

Tech and Biotransformation

Polymateria have developed a unique technology which chemically converts commonly-used plastics to an environmentally-friendly wax-type substance, a pioneering effort in Biotransformation.

Technology is providing solutions in all areas of industry and science, and this has been one of the most exciting Tech Headlines that we have seen.

But this type of innovation is not just in the environmental sphere, design and spatial planning are all adapting with the help of IT Solutions.

3D Design: Tech in Fashion

GQ has discussed efforts such as embracing 3D tech solutions in marketplaces such as Fashion. Using ‘end-to-end’ tech solutions in design, it has the potential to ‘preserve’ the sector.

The tech approach is seen by some in the sector as revolutionary, but although it may take a while to become fully palatable in the industry, it is set to create new opportunities for ‘Digital Creatives’ in the future.

These sorts of stories truly show how tech innovation can be found anywhere.

Tech and Modern Working

The days of the spreadsheet for floor planning and staff interaction have gone, new solutions are required to effectively (and safely) allow team members to work in the same physical spaces, and tech innovation has greatly helped the recent transition.

This will likely take the form of a Digitised Desk, a socially-distanced working unit which rotates within safe windows of use. There is significant potential for App development and Monitoring Systems to support this type of approach.

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