The 5 Positive Gains of Contracting – Project Management

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At Stelfox, The Home of IT Contracting we can guide you on your career journey, whether you are a Talented Tech Professional seeking a short-term contract, or are approaching that career-defining project where your Leadership and Technical skills will shine.

Are you a transformative Project Manager eager to bring your skills to new tech and IT environments, or are PMO opportunities new to you? Have you considered how short-term roles can deliver value for not only clients but also for your growth and earning potential? 

Now is the perfect time to consider exciting immersion into new environments, guiding teams and making sure you are delivering the IT factor.

Here are five positive gains when entering this part of the market.

Lead Positive Change

You will join unique environments where your critical skills are valued. You can deliver expertise, effect real & positive change in operations and help teams to grow and collaborate.

Build Environments: Culture

Your PMO role will help build environments, and you gain great career satisfaction by improving processes and positively impacting on culture. It is your chance to build a career in Project work, opening a network of opportunity.

Grow Your Network

By entering new environments and moving to different projects, your network will naturally grow, gaining connections and contacts in new sectors. This provides invaluable opportunities for your career development and your personal portfolio.


PMO roles allow for choice in your career, providing tailored possibilities where you can deliver value and solutions to diverse working spaces.

Financial Reward

The demand for Project Managers often results in higher rates of pay for candidates. This is a natural gain when choosing the Contracting route.

Consider our experienced Contracting team at Stelfox to guide you on your journey, to introduce you to our network and to find that perfect role where you can gain professionally, socially and financially from the life of an IT Contractor.

Call us today at Stelfox – The Home of IT Contracting at 01-6793182, email us at [email protected] or check out the range of roles on our website and LinkedIn feed.

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