Teamwork And The Rugby World Cup With Tomás O’Leary

Here at Stelfox Cork, we are proud to welcome Rugby International Tomás O’Leary to our team.

With the Rugby World Cup in full swing, we have asked Tomás about what he has seen so far, and how teamwork and a positive sporting & working spirit can benefit everybody, both on and off the field.

Tomás was a panellist at a recent fundraising event in aid of Enable Ireland, taking place on the first day of the World Cup, which our Stelfox Cork team was proud to attend.  

Tomás and his fellow high-profile panellists discussed topics as far-ranging as safety, youth participation in sporting life and the current tournament taking place in Japan.

Our Stelfox Team brought back a unifying theme from the discussion, relating to teamwork, unity and social engagement.

Enable Ireland

Teamwork In Focus.

Teamwork is a key component, for us here at Stelfox Cork, and our wider client base. Employees who are willing to work & interact together to achieve a common purpose are a key asset to all businesses.

Teamwork often requires an individual to sacrifice for the greater good of the team. Working in a team environment provides a support network for any failures but also creates a culture of celebration and positivity when success is achieved.

A functioning model of teamwork is evident in the Irish Rugby team currently representing our island in Japan. Ireland delivered a clinical, skilful and confident display in our first RWC game, enjoying victory over Scotland.

Ireland’s Team Performance: World Cup Japan.

The build-up to the World Cup was far from perfect. Much of the public and media discourse around Ireland’s chances was pessimistic. Ireland showed great focus and unity to deliver such an emphatic performance.

Our pack dominated Scotland, setting a platform for our half back partnership Murray and Sexton to control and dictate the game. All our ‘mini teams’ excelled. There is now genuine competition for places in our centres and back three.

Henshaw, Earls and Kearney will return to compete for a starting place in the quarter-final. Joe Schmidt will utilise his full squad, enabling him to retain the freshness of certain players, while creating an environment where every squad member feels genuinely included.

Stelfox And IT Talent.

All members of a squad are expected to carry out their function within the team when they get any opportunity. Trust and confidence shown by management empower the players. This level of empowerment and trust is required in business in high-performing companies.

Stelfox Cork finds this to be an exciting comparison to some of our work; Front-end developers, such as those in UI are involved in aspects such as colour and design, where their efforts are visible.

However, without the support of Back-end developers, who operate in the coding of servers and applications, their delivery is just as critical but may not be as visible.

Rugby, as in I.T. and Tech depends on tactical dispersion of skilled professionals. Here at Stelfox Cork, we place candidates with a variety of skill sets and attributes into companies. Consulting with our clients we will recruit the most suitable and best candidate, each bringing their unique value and worth to the team and company.

Stelfox Cork considers this an important factor in recruiting for the IT/Tech sectors, these specialised roles require individuals who place an interactive, team-oriented approach at their core.

Search our live roles here or phone our Cork office on +353 21 427 3668 or our Dublin office on +353 1 679 3182 to find out more about how Stelfox can help you. 


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