Tech 2025 – Challenges for Tech Employers

Anticipating Tech Employers Needs

According to the Workplace 2025 report, almost 61% of CIOs believe it is challenging to find skilled IT workers that are available to be hired. This means that besides the future seems very promising for the technology industry, employers such as tech hiring managers or leaders must think about what are the skills and knowledge that their organisation will require in the future.

The booming of emerging technologies is very positive for the whole industry, although, with the appearance of several innovations, some challenges may arise. For this reason, tech employers should anticipate the future needs that both their company and their employees might have. A smart strategy would focus on building a pipeline of technology skills that will be required and how to acquire them through new or current workers.

Some companies have already started to prepare for this technology transformation through the so-called gig economy. They’re making sure that by engaging with technical IT specialists, they’re guaranteeing they’ll always find a team ready to meet their needs for as long as they have them.

However, in order to be able to respond to this fast-growing technology transformation, both employers and employees need to be extremely agile and work collaboratively with each other. Through an agile methodology, they’ll reach similar working processes that will simplify their work.


Tech Challenges of the Future

As mentioned before, in the future both companies and employees will face a great number of challenges. But, now you’re wondering: what type of challenges will be out there and how can you be prepared?

The first thing that employers should do is examine and adapt their training programs to ensure they are constantly upskilling the technical ability of their employees.

Lorraine Fitzpatrick, our Group Operations Director, mentions the importance of having in place a great training program: ‘’I believe companies benefit from developing excellent training programs that are focused on providing quality education, upskilling and (re)training where necessary.’’

Furthermore, all these new technologies will have a huge impact on the employee’s lifestyle. Thus, now more than ever, there will be a demand for putting in place a talent development and workforce strategy. Tech employers will have to change their mindsets and help to increase the talent they already have in-house, as ‘’the nature of work will change and millions of people will require new skills’’, according to The McKinsey Global Institute.

Nevertheless, the future of tech innovators and entrepreneurs seems to be a bright one. Some of these technologies will require little or even no investment at all, so there can be an even faster dissemination. Besides that, by developing these technologies, an opportunity for employment also appears. Innovation has the ability to unleash a new set of job offers and needs that weren’t in the tech market before.

It’s a fact that the technology industry will suffer huge changes and that it will be mandatory to adapt. However, if you keep in mind that by knowing it earlier, you’ll be able to prepare better, then these changes will be adopted by everyone in a much smoother way. Don’t waste more time. Roll up your sleeves and make sure you’re ready for the future of technology.


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