Tech Recruiting: Innovation in Ireland

Stelfox is growing and adapting to changing times, and we are connecting and growing our links in Ireland ’s tech network.Cork and Dublin are well-regarded players in Digital Transactions, Security and Software Solutions. 

As we speak, our team of Recruiters (currently based remotely) are placing candidates into new positions, working on future projects with clients and looking at new ways to follow the tech journey.

Ireland: Tech Confidence

Ireland’s tech scene is continuing to work confidently. Internationally, it is respected as a base of innovation.

Job creation is happening in alternative ways.

This can be seen throughout Ireland’s tech scene, with waves being made nationally and in the high-profile ‘Tech Capital’ of Cork.

Digital Jobs: Work In 2020

Yes, things are different but areas such as Digital Transactions and Transfers are still delivering exciting options.  We are also showing that possibilities are still there with our connections in markets such as Coding, Security, Cloud and Data.

Do you want to be part of a movement which is leading the way for vital transactions at this pivotal time, or are you eager to apply your problem-solving skills to software solutions?

We are working with our wide network for your next opportunity to shine, and our team is interested in hearing of what you can offer in Cork, Ireland and beyond.

Call us today on 01-6793182 (Dublin) or 021 4273668 (Cork), email us on [email protected] or check out the range of roles on our website and LinkedIn feed.

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