How does Tech Talent Acquisition respond to Candidates Needs?

We’re living in an era where candidates don’t need to be actively looking for them to be engaged in a recruitment process. Engineers are driven by an innate need to learn new technologies as well as build new products & systems and are curious to know what is happening in the industry. Hallmark of a successful tech recruitment strategy should be able to attract these passive candidates and engage them in the process and not only the active job seekers.

“Some of the best engineers I have known had a deep commitment to their teams & employer, but are always keeping an eye on the market for projects that are using the latest technologies or building interesting product that will have an impact in the industry”, explains Dan Nadil who is a Senior Project Consultant in our Strategic Search team.

“If your messaging piece focuses on the interesting problems you are solving, innovations that you are working on, among others, it will attract good passionate engineers, than merely relying on brand value and compensation”, states Dan.

When you’re recruiting, you need to be ready to ‘’fight’’ for the right candidates, as they’ll ask for inside access and transparency before accepting any offer. But how can you respond to a candidate’s needs?

Here are 3 tips we are currently using and that have been working for us.

– The right keywords will make a difference. Start by making sure your job ads include the keywords that candidates you’re looking for will search. Having an SEO optimized job ad is the first step to be seen by the ones you’re after. Searching for jobs is easier and easier, so it’s important to been seen at the right moment and by the target audience.

– Mobile optimized ads are essential. Candidates want to have an easy but instant access to job offers. Based on a recent study, 89% of job seekers agree that mobile plays a critical role when job hunting. If a candidate doesn’t have a good user experience when checking a job or if the application through a mobile device isn’t simple, they’re not going to wait until they’re able to proceed with this. No! They’ll move to another website and forget about the ad that could potentially be the right one for them. By having a mobile-optimized website and a responsive application process, you’re making sure you won’t miss the chance of getting the perfect candidate.

– Work on your employer branding. The way your company and brand is seen can mean a lot. By working with other departments, like for example the Marketing department, you’re able to set-up a strategy to develop your employer branding and assure it’s well represented externally. Together you can think of techniques that can increase your digital reputation and promote your company culture to attract the experts you’re looking for. Candidates want to know how’s the company culture and the overall office environment. Showcase exactly how it is to work in your company and you’ll see the applications coming in.

So in order to achieve your business goals and to have an outstanding tech talent acquisition strategy, start by understanding what are your candidates’ needs and how you can answer them. Be honest and transparent about the job offer and you’ll see the great number of job seekers that will appreciate it and consider to go with that opportunity.

Remember that it’s not about having the right job, it’s about having the perfect vacancy for the right candidate.


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