Ireland: Technology for Good

Ireland has always been a country of creativity and innovation, and this encouraging culture has lent itself very well to tech development.

This has helped to build an exciting Irish network of Tech Talent, boosting success in Ireland and into our European and International community.

In the week that saw Dublin, Cork and Galway named as Tech Cities of the Future,  Ireland has been showcased as a country of confident creators producing industry-leading products and services, with many embracing the concept of ‘technology for good’.

Ireland is developing practical tech solutions, which aid society and the economy. Here is a diverse mix of some of our most exciting enterprises.


The Irish travel-tech startup has successfully raised €450,000 in seed capital from investors for its cloud-based platform, with targeted growth into the Adventure Tourism sector.

It is allowing its user network the opportunity to book outdoor and adventure trips, creating tailor-made holidays which encourage outdoor education and physical activity (which can be kept in line with Social Distancing necessities).


Founded in Kerry, myAccessHub is a tech platform which boosts workplace inclusivity by immersing employees in e-learning and Virtual Reality scenarios, specifically relating to eliminating and reducing barriers in the workplace, which may impact upon fellow employees.

A truly empowering form of utilising ‘technology for good’ which takes into account the needs of all team members.


TeachKloud embraces AI in aiding curriculum development, it is a cloud-based platform that streamlines processes in early years educational/pre-school environments. In more recent months it has expanded into The Kloud Academy, with expert-led education being delivered remotely (embracing the home learning necessities of the modern era).

Ireland boasts an ecosystem which supports tech growth and ‘technology for good’, and with Impact Ireland set to invest in up to 15 tech firms that show high potential, in areas as far-reaching as Education, Health and the Environment, this part of the industry is only set to grow.

Ireland’s Tech Community is leading the way in promoting useful, practical and scalable technical enterprises.

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