Marketplace: Germany Looks To The Future

With Germany starting to open back up, Stelfox has been looking at one of its main markets to see what this means.  Without a doubt, we are at an unpredictable stage in world affairs and even as we write things may change. But here are a few areas that Germany is addressing and a few examples of innovation in the market that will give us a glimpse into what we can expect.

Travel Restrictions Are Remaining

For those of you inside or outside of Germany, the country’s warning against ‘non-essential travel abroad’ remains in place until 14 June. This is how it stands at the time of writing and may be updated at a later stage.

It is very important to know that whilst Germany’s physical borders may be closed for a while longer their tech scene is still open & accessible through digital communication channels.

German Business: Gradually Reopening

Some businesses in Germany are gradually reopening, but the Government is being understandably cautious, noting that it may return to more restrictive lockdown measures if this gradual return impacts the health system.

Nonetheless, it is worth keeping an eye on how the commercial scene handles this.

Tech Acquisitions in Germany

Accenture Industry X.O has recently acquired ESR Labs, based out of Munich; This is a particularly interesting economic development, showcasing expansion by one of the world’s leading Consultancy firms into the area of embedded software solutions for design, engineering and manufacturing. This will extend to Automotive, MedTech and High-tech processes.

This type of innovation is bringing new opportunities for Germany’s tech scene, and it is a chance to look into the near-future when anticipating your next project.

It is definitely one to watch when considering your next career move or new area of business expansion! 

Contact Tracing Apps

As one of Europe’s leaders in tech, Germany has led the way in bringing Contact tracing apps to the fore. Offering ‘seamless connection’ to diagnostic laboratories. These efforts, coupled with large scale efforts in antibody testing show a market that (once business resumes) will be confident, thoughtful and structured.

We know that the future in tech and society will look that little bit different, but what we can rely on at Stelfox is a vibrant German marketplace, with strong recruitment partners, innovative tech developers, and a forward-looking society who we can learn from (in their approach to the current global crisis), and beyond.

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