Diversity In Tech: The Whole Person

Stelfox Cork was proud to attend the recent [email protected] Lunchtime Diversity in Tech discussion which took place at Republic Of Work.

As an established recruiter in the centre of Ireland’s thriving tech hub, and recognising Cork as a progressive venue for new employees from various backgrounds it was great to attend such an event.

With a number of speakers from the Cork Tech scene, this panel discussion was open and inclusive, with wide-ranging topics relating to modern workplace inclusivity.

The conversation resulted in topics such as age diversity and immersing your whole self into the workplace.

Changing Culture

The panel was led by local leaders in the tech community, who have seen at first hand the cultural changes which have taken place in Cork.

They discussed the positive aspects of changing attitudes within society, and the value of employees being open with their social lives, as well as certain modern challenges.

Cork: Work/Life Balance

By prioritising workplace investment in developing the whole person, an organisation places value upon an authentic, genuine employee who is transparent about their lives.

Cork’s mixture of closely located Urban and Rural residential & recreational options is an ideal location for the entire person’s mind-set to grow and thrive.

At Stelfox Cork we see this as a pivotal opportunity for our clients to invest in this community, and for candidates to feel comfortable applying for roles in Ireland’s Southern Region.

Importance Of Diversity: Real-world examples

A great deal was gained from Stelfox Cork attending this diversity event, providing practical examples from a Cork business perspective.

It highlights advice that Stelfox delivers to our candidates, and important priorities that we look for in our clients.

Cork is an open and welcoming city, and we encourage applicants to;

• Be open with your personal life in the workplace, which can lead to you being more relaxed, insightful and productive in your day and tasks.
• Join businesses who contribute to a culture of inclusivity in all aspects of workplace life, and to become an ally of colleagues of different backgrounds.
• These allies are critical in building a positive, embracing work environment.

Learning & Workplace Support

The panel also discussed several colleague support processes, that their organisations have introduced;

• Learning about one another (both differences and similarities) will lead to an overall culture of support, which will be of benefit to all if an unforeseeable event occurs.
• Gender-inclusive working arrangements, such as flexible patterns aligning with certain parts of the day, such as the school run, which aids in employees lives beyond the office. This ensures that a parent/guardian can play a fundamental role in this aspect of life.

• The topic of age-based inclusivity was also approached, with panellists acknowledging the creative worth of younger, fresh recruits – and reverse mentoring taking place to an extent where colleagues of all ages and experiences can engage with, and learn from one another.

The Panel and engaging audience offered a great insight into Modern workplace diversity for the Stelfox team in Cork, with respectful and engaging strategies for us to continue supporting.

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